Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Blogful Butterfly

A brief line to gratefully acknowledge Monster-Blood Tattoo: Foundling's inclusion in the ALA Best Books for Young Adults list for 2007! Sincerest delighted thanks to the 'judges' and congratulations to all the other works who were nominated and/or selected.

Also I just want to let folks know I am blogging over at Inside A Dog as their Writer in Residence for the month of February, so please, head over there for some more blogging fun. I have to be regular there so (as I said last post) it may just make me more regular here.

Editing with MBT 2 is at very very early stages, and the Explicarium for Book 2 is ticking along nicely and will (Lord willing) be done very shortly... and I haven't forgotten those questions still need answering.


daisy_girl said...

Hi David,
I recently did a few days work experience at Omnibus Books and Dyan eagerly showed me your book and told me to read it (which I'm still doing)... it's interesting the changes that different countries made to the cover art and title. Do you have a favourite?
- a.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr C, could you point me to your email address, can't seem to find it on here! Cheers. Rich.
P.S. I posted the official blurb from Random House on the site, it's not a review (yet!). It's on the list to read, any ages mentioned were from the publisher/promotion people. ;-)
BTW, the book is something to just look at - the feel of it, the maps, the drawings and even the place for people to write their name, adds a lot to the book. Will read it asap. :-)

D.M. Cornish said...

Hey there rich! Ah yes that age comment - I have just removed it. It is interesting the way even your own publisher regards (mis-perceives even - I think I just coined a word) a book. If you would like to contact me try dm.cornish@halfcontinent.com

Thrilled you love the extra "love" we have put into the book - I just think a read experience should be as immersive as possible.

Cheers, Sir.