Monday, October 29, 2007

And the dust settles

I must say the thorough-going discussion in last post's comments about what evil might or might not be was deeply interesting and thought provoking and I thank everyone who had a word in it. A most excellent debate. I hope it was edifying to both commentators and readers alike.

It makes me wonder whether open questions are better than closed answers - by which I mean is it better to always be searching? And if we do find answers, what happens if we do not like them? Discard them and keep searching? What if the answer with the best fit is the most uncomfortable?

Anyway, enough philosophising - this is a blog about a frivolous adventure story not the depths of the human condition.

On that note I am happy to say that (for the ANZ edition at least) MBT Book 2 goes to the printing press in a little over a week - around the 7th of November. I'll see what I can do about other parts of this world of ours. I am running my eye over the actual typeset pages and am becoming more confident with the text as a worthy continuance to Foundling - and for those who thought Book 1 not long enough, I can say the actual story text of Book 2 will be ...

600 pages!

Give or take.

The Explicarium will be about the same length as Book 1 - roughly 100 pages, with whole new maps, floor plans, schedules and drawings of clothes and equipment.

I hope this is happy news.


madbomber said...

gday mate,

The topic, and debate was so interesting that I actually decided to curb my plan on researching the CBCA and have now decided to focus on a topic of 'good and evil'. The premilimary deiscussion I have had has been quite interesting. Thanks for the good idea!

Cheers Bomber

PS are you going to be presenting at writers week next year?

madbomber said...


premilmary = preliminary.


D.M. Cornish said...

Absolutely my pleasure - I rather you than me. Anytime you want to bounce just give me a "hoy!".

Not sure about Writer's Week next year - well the Adelaide one at least. I have had the honour of an invitation to the Sydney Writers Festival in May - indeed, Lamplighter is going to be launched there.

Excuse my ignorance, but what are the dates of the Adelaide Writer's Week?

(Also, I have not forgotten your own creative work waiting to be read - get back to you on that soon)

Anonymous said...

600 pages (give or take)! Awesome! Fully sick! Fantastic! I glow with joy!

I have a couple of personal (but hopefully not invasive) questions for you, Mr. Cornish, if you wish to answer them...

1. What is/are your favourite animal(s)?

2. What sort of music do you like? Do you have any favourite bands?

Anonymous said...

Oooh! And poets? Any favourite poets?

meli said...

good news indeed!

madbomber said...

gday mate,

I checked the itinerary for the writers week in Adelaide. Its from the 29th Feb - 16th March.

Australian writers include:
Randa Abdel-Fatteh, Margo Lanagan, Azhar Abidi, Amanda Lohrey, Georgia Blain, Gabrielle Lord, Geraldine Brooks, Roger McDonald, Marshall Browne, William McInnes, Janine Burke, David Malouf, Anson Cameron, Robert Manne, Inga Clendinnen, Melina Marchetta, Peter Corris, David Marr, Robyn Davidson, Gerald Murnane, Garry Disher, Doris Pilkington, Nick Earls, Dorothy Porter, Gideon Haigh, Henry Reynolds, John Harms, Deborah Robertson, Lian Hearn, Hazel Rowley, Barry Jones, Matt Rubinstein, John Kinsella, Jared Thomas, Mike Ladd, Carrie Tiffany, Marilyn Lake and Kate Veitch.

I'm sorry to see you havn't been invited. Surely this must be an oversight, or a travesty!

Cheers Bomber