Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Thing!

It has been a most excellent year and I thank you all who have put your thoughts here and entered into the dialogue - a very healthy and helpful thing from my point of view, and I hope for you too.

The posting of the preview chapter seems to have gone down alright - I was a little worried there that I had done the wrong thing by putting it up - and I cannot wait until April/May and onwards either, the full story at last! ...not some mean glimpse.

Next year's to-do list (isn't there a blog about these thing somewhere..?)
1. Answer questions about how Book 3 is going, movie deal$, and on the possible autobiographical nature of MBT.
2. Periodically feature one of your most excellent and revelatory character studies in the profile section.
3. Say something clever about the two polls currently up (of which the general opinion is pretty clear).
4. Start some new polls - and ask you all for any ideas regard this.
5. Do some more word challenges.
6. Not sure what else but it will come to me...

...oh, and write Book 3 (probably optional).

May you all travel safely and find joy this Christmas and New Year; if i could I'd have you over at my new pad for a party (a very sober and serious party where we'd discuss heavy ideas and solve the worlds ills - in theory). I might squeeze in another post or two before the end of all things 2007, but either way, take care - it is a better planet knowing you all exist.


Winter said...

Merry Christmas to you as well!

I have been re-reading Foundling this week, and I have a question. Perhaps I've just missed the answere somewhere, but I was wondering how old Rossamund was.

Also, can we submit sketches for the character studies? Or will it all be text? Assuming that ours will be featured, of course

Lawrence said...

DM. Hope your Antipodean Christmas was a good one. I've just come back from the cinema where I saw "The Golden Compass". This kinda brings me back to the topic of a movie-isation of your work, and what you thought about that. I'm wondering what, if any, fantasy films which have been adapted from books you've enjoyed, and which ones you think fell short of their source material. As for "The Golden Compass". I thought it was OK. It was certainly enjoyable enough, and armoured bears are certainly one of the better fictional creations of late. However, the film just really lacked the richness of the Pullman text, and wasn't nearly as good as, say, the Lord of the Rings films in terms of totally immersing you in the world. (And I say this as someone who isn't exactly a big Pullman fan. I have certain issues with this theology/anti-theology, and feel his books are good, but that he has way too much of an axe to grind and that that detracts from the storytelling somewhat.) As for the Lord of the Rings films, there were quite a lot of changes made, but I felt that the films always felt very true to Tolkien's vision.

OK, so this has turned into more of a ramble than a question, but would be interested in your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

book 3 optional my ass

D.M. Cornish said...

I reckon your comments dear winter and Lawrence require a post.

As to Master A Nonny Mouse - *chuckle*

Drew said...

Great post!
I like the To-Do list quite a bit. Yeah, maybe writing a third book would be a good idea... :)
Hope all's well-