Monday, May 19, 2008

The Sound of Silence

Please excuse the paucity of posts that is likely to occur over the next week or so, I shall be in Sydney pretending that I am clever and interesting.

My schedule will be:

Tuesday 20th May 2008
Riverside Theatre, corner Church & Market Streets, Parramatta.
~ this will be on World Building - of all things...
GENERAL TALK: 1.25-2.00 pm
~ My Life & What lead to Monster Blood Tattoo.

Tuesday 20th May 2008
Right Down to the Plumbing: Speculative Fiction and World-building
Venue: Blacktown City Max Webber Library, cnr Flushcombe Road and Alpha Street, Blacktown, 6:30-7:30 pm
Facilitator: Judith Ridge
Speculative and fantasy fiction continues to grow in popularity with readers of all ages. How do writers create engaging and believable worlds? How does character contribute to world-building and what cultural influences are at play?
D.M. Cornish, David Kowalski and Stuart Mayne discuss.

Wednesday 21st May 2008
Sydney Theatre, 22 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay.
~ this will be on World Building - of all things...
GENERAL TALK: 1.25-2.00 pm
~ My Life & What lead to Monster Blood Tattoo.

Dare I admit I feel a bit more worthy to participate now that I have two books out. 'Tis a daft feeling but it is there none-the-less.


Unknown said...

I really enjoyed your talk today at the riverside theater, and am really annoyed that I couldn't be part of the workshop you ran earlier... I'll probably be checking back here to see if there is any workshops you are running that are accessible to me in the near future- i'm writing (or trying to) write a book or three and am also in the process of creating my own world.

thanks a tonne for your talk, and for writing your book(s) (i haven't got around to forking out the money for 'lamplighter' yet :-( ...)

if you ever feel the need to delve into a different world when the half continent gets to dull or repetitive, then head on to and have gander at some of my (not quite as developed as yours) work.
thanks for your talk-

Winter said...

Hello again!

I've been so busy I actually missed picking up Lamplighter until just this past Saturday (I'm a bit shamed to admit). However, once I had it I read the entire book in one sitting! I had meant to just read a bit, maybe even save it for my vacation coming up, but, well, it's a damn good book, if you don't mind my saying so. :)

So much to take it, and yet so many things yet to learn, Lamplighter was well worth the wait. I am constantly delighted by the depth of detail of the Half Continent.

Anyway, I ramble on. Look forward to seeing you back after your appearances.


Anonymous said...

Off-topic, but I figure there's no bad place to say this. I just adored Lamplighter. I mean, I enjoyed Foundling but Lamplighter was just wonderful. Can hardly wait for the next.

D.M. Cornish said...

Thank you, Kate & Winter, your enjoyment makes writing so very worthwhile.

I am sorry you missed the workshop too, Ben, and I apologise that my talk as not perhaps quite as scintilating as it could have been. There is a reason authors sit in rooms on their own - especially this one. Still, without challenges life would get pretty small and dull (or so I am told anyway...)

Kyla said...

I really enjoyed your blog post