Thursday, July 10, 2008

Europe and Sebastipole fall in love?

Well, that was a (tongue in cheek) offering last post. Could it be possible? Would it be probable? If ever they married I would expect Sebastipole to get eaten at the end of the wedding night like some poor male praying mantis.

Monday had a question (similar to one I received via email from Nick Nitsch of Nashville):

"What kinds of music are most prevalent on the h-c?"

Such a topic is indeed not distracting but fundamental to my conception of the H-c - there is a beautiful piece by Strauss (the younger I think) Invitation to a Dance which though actually truly too new, has been an abiding inspiration to me. Monday rightly deduces that there are regional and social differences, but in the main when I think music for the Half-Continent I think late Baroque (as it is called in our world) and early Classical - Handel, Vivaldi, Bach, counterpoint and the private chamber ensembles merging with and developing into Boccherini, Mozart, Haydn - essentially what is sometimes called a Rococo style. (I have as yet to come up with the H-c names for some of these music styles - an interesting and I hope rewarding diversion!) This of course would be the more citified musics, out in the parishes it would more strident, the instruments more antiquated, the pieces more folk style or popular balladry. Hero of Clunes for example, in her tour of Sulk End and the Idlewild (as seen in MBT Book 1 & 2) would be doing a combination of popular shanty (albeit taking it to a more sophisticated and sonorous level) and high-brow choral numbers written by the current and more popular/fashionable composers (such as Stumphelhose of Witzingerod, Cappelluto of Seville, or Attic Nehme or Brandenbrass).

Oh, and as requested, for breakfast I had Vita Brits with sultanas and a cup of tea sweetened with honey.


Anonymous said...

no, Europe and Sebastipole may not fall in love, because the latter is MINE. *growls*

smudgeon said...

A most excellently illustrated answer to a question I myself have been interested in.

When I read MBT, I always hear (or listen to) Handel/Bach/Palestrina in the cities & civilised areas, and Rogues Gallery (a compilation of pirate & seafaring songs) & folk music outside of these.

Have Methods of Recorder ever thought of releasing an album of "Hooked on Stumphelhose"?

Snooze said...

The music sounds cool. Hmm.. Europe and Sebastipole... Sounds interesting, and... romantic?
They do seem as though they would work out togehter. Well it is up to you to decide, although either a way I believe a challenge is at hand (either persuading us they are not suitable for each other, or simply writing the story!)

oh, and thanks for the breakfast again XD... it is always interesting to know :D... seeming as I usually only have the one thing everyday (a meat pie... lol)


Anonymous said...

I think Europe and Sebastipole is too strong, both of them so it would be a missmatch. Think Europe need some one who she can boss around.

R.J. Anderson said...

I cannot post because I am too busy falling about and laughing helplessly over the praying mantis image. Though, I don't know... Sebastipole may be comparatively subdued in personality, but surely that isn't the same as weakness!

(Not that I am really invested in the idea of Sebastipole/Europe anyway. I just threw it out for silly fun, and on that level I have been richly rewarded.)

Sam Hranac said...

I always thought of Sebastipole as the one that Europe let get away... alive. He touched her heart enough that she decided to let him live. Still a spark between them, but Sebastipole harbors unspoken scruples against taking the relationship any further. Europe assumes he fears her and is smart enough to overrule his lust.

anna wrote: "Think Europe need some one who she can boss around."

Pick me Monty!

Lovely music discussion, by the way. What about the music of monsters? Something soil-based? Rhythmic chanting that starts low and works to crescendos all in harmony with the sound of planets?

Anonymous said...

BTW thank you for answering :)

Anonymous said...

so what will become of poor numption?

Sam Hranac said...

Numption? He'll be the guy to de-thorn the Branden Rose.

Anonymous said...

that I would love to see

Anonymous said...

Oh no!! Poor Sebastipole!!

...although, that certaintly brings about some funny mental images...

Nate said...

no anti emperialist punk rock bands playing biologue amplified instruments and spray painting monster faces on government buildings and smashing all the lamps along the Conduit Vermis?
What music do monsters make?

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahahhahahhaha that would be a sight to see the first page in the book Sebastipole and Miss Europe holding hands and Rossamund with a Manga Related look of confusion on his face with a speech bubble saying..."WUT" Hahahhahahahaa but you HAVE to write keep writing if not for yourself do it for your readers. And Wow what an ending Rossamunderling?
thats Rather interesting Mister Cornish and i shall curse you for leaving me so agitated to read the last book..... Actually that makes me upset CONTINUE WITH MBT FOREVEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRR PLEASE I AM ADDICTED T_T(Me Crying :-( )

but please keep up your good work and may all your writing experiences and hopes unfold naturally on the fate embalmed palm of your hand.

Wow how i came up with all of this i do not know but ANYWAY!


Scourge Lover!

Nate said...

I've been thinking about it and I think if monsters made music it sound a lot like Man Man.

D.M. Cornish said...

We Are Man Man indeed! - maybe a bit too much glokenspiel (or ROCKIN'spiel - as I like to call them ;) Thank you for the link, sir, just been listening.

I shall attempt to write for as long as I am allowed, scourge lover - my hope is that it will be for a while yet.

wrongleft said...

maby Rossamund and therondy.
It would be a challenge but she does like him, it so obvious

Anonymous said...

Haha I know what you mean Wrong Left
she's always trying to get rossamund to look at her, poor rossamund i think threnody hasthe wrong approach though seems as she always seems to put him down.

Also It wont happen. Why? because rosy-poo's is a monster (well i have a strng belief he is), i mean what if it did Happen? A women of such high-a-place falling in love with what she lives for, killing mnsters? No no no, that wou;d change the entire EMPIRE for goodness sake unless this is what Mister cornish wants us Pondering on. What would happen if Threnody DID fall in love with Rossamund(ERLING) how would it effect the kingdom of both Monsters and men? Is Rossamund REALLY a monster? What will be the outcme f the tattoo a slight puncture mark or the weeping disgruntled face of a monster blood tattoo? Will rossamund meet the duke of sparrows? Will his little glamgourn friend cme back for him? What is Rossamund(ERLING)(s) destiny? Is he part of a prophecy?

So many Questions and unfortunately only vague answers t only 2 of them. SEE MISTER CORNISH THIS IS WHAT IVE BECOME (Only messing)JUST A PONDERING BUMBLING IDIOT Forever tied to the malignant chain of being a hardcore D.M Cornish fan and of!

The one and only!
Scourge LOVER!

pearl said...

Well the Branden Rose and Sebastipole do make a sweet, yet extremely short-lasting couple. I don't think it'll work... And out of curiosity, how old are they?

Anonymous said...

For whoever said Europe needs someone to boss around... nah, how about fouraces?

Anonymous said...

For those who might be interested in hearing the music, "Invitation to the Dance" is by Carl Maria von Weber and not Johann Strauss the Younger...

Anonymous said...

Folks are talking about Sepastipole and Europe, but isn't Fouracres a more likely candidate? He may be far below Europe in station - but since when does she place great weight on social standards? And though Europe may not be romantically interested in some eccentric postman... yet - it's clear that she was impressed by his refusal of any reward for aid in bringing her and Rossemund to High Vesting, and equally clear (she mentions Fouracres in Book 2) that she hasn't forgotten him.

Anonymous said...

I did think I caught the slightest flavor of attraction on Fouracres' part, but starting a romance sub-plot in the third book that hasn't had it's foundation laid in either of the preceding volumes would be rather odd from my perspective.
As for Europe having any lasting relationship, I've the impression she's incapable of such at the present. It'll take a serious, heart-deep transformation before she would be ready.

May I expand on my reasoning? Cordial thanks given in advance. Europe reminds me of Artemis and Athena, more so the former--certainly beautiful and quite competent and inelegant but proud. Perhaps too proud to find what Artemis might have found in Orion had he not perished. Perhaps, like Athena, never bothering to look for a worthy, lasting mate. Perhaps this poor chap is waxing pseudo-poetic again, in which case ignore all my jaw wagging.
Rossamund and Threnody I could see…but it might be a good idea, considering a certain previous manikin\human relationship, for him to stay single unless he can find another of similar longevity. But what tawdry knave would let such an idea get in the way of a good story. Let it never be so! I’m always up for good tragedy. As usual, your trusted call, Mr. Cornish.

Anonymous said...


What about Her a ROSSAMUND!....actually that would be REALLY wrong in so many unwanted ways XD

Scourge Lovers!

portals said...

Sebastipole is a leer though, and Europe semmed to like 'Dear Licurius' very much indeed. Europe might find something of Licurius in Sebastipole despite all the differences like the sthenicons and the different personalities.

Does Licurius look for the bad side in people? how could he detect Rossamunds 'funny' smell when sebastipole could not, and around the gudgeon part Sebastipole was searching for rossamunds scent and, if I'm not mistaken, Rossamund was wearing his nullodour for Licurius' smell check as well.

portals said...

about romance, Rossamund and Sallow?

Rossamund liked sallow, and sallow found him interesting and did not mock him.

Unknown said...

i love your books, Mr. Cornish!
please keep writing...they are so much more interesting than the standard fiction that is the norm at my school...thank you so much!

--jimmy demon--