Wednesday, November 19, 2008


...& and here is the link to my Winter Blog Blast Tour interview at Finding Wonderland from yesterday. Thank you so much TadMack & Aquafortis for such excellent questions, they were a joy to answer.

Please make sure you check out all the other interviews this week past a present - so much authorly goodness... if I was not needing to get back to writing I'd say more on it. Only a short while left before I am handing the 1st draft in.


Allen.MacKinnon said...

Wanna send me a copy?

smudgeon said...

Good news indeed! I hope all the advice you receive is constructive, and the red pen marks are at a minimum...

And a most illuminating interview, too. Nice to see some more on the origins of MBT, both literary & otherwise.

Winter said...

Lovely interview, and so informative! Always interesting to hear other people talk about the world building process. And I agree with your interviewer who expressed interest in having a coat like Europe's. I think there are quite a few of us who would love to get our hands one one. :)

More realistically I think the idea of prints to be fantastic. It was originally the cover art of book one that grabbed my attention on the shelf. And the map! I have a secret love of maps.

(btw 80 comments! This place seems to be getting pretty popular!)

portals said...

Hi Mr. Cornish,
I saw last of the Mohicans a couple of weeks ago, and the scene with he redcoats and their ranked fire was very cool. I liked it how the prentices did the same thing to the horn-ed nickers in Lamplighter. The scenery was also fantastic, but it was probably just backdrops.
I don't think you should write a graphic novel, though. I don't think I'd like Europe standing there, with an enourmous speech bubble and random words made italic and bold.
A question, did Threnody keep here pistolas after Wormstool because I remember her droping them so she could wit, but I'm not sure whether she picked them up or not. I've wondered that for a while now.
If MBT was made into a movie, and you were asked to play a character, who would you play?
(you can't not play a character in this scenario).

Everyone, let's get to 80 this time!

Maitylan- A type of tree. Its wood is very hard and excellent for fires.

Kathryn said...

While i didn't get to go, i hope you and everyone had a great and informative time

Anonymous said...

I just can´t wait....what will happen to he deeply troubled about his "ancestry" (genealogy, love it!), will Swill spread that he suspect Rossamund to be a monster...? Questions, questions and soo many months until the book comes out. deep sighs.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Winter: a Europe-styled coat would be amazing. And I would love to get a hold of any type of commercial good related to MBT (I think a calendar of calendars would be very cool).

By the way, on, I downloaded the screensaver a while ago but it won't work ... says something about being expired or something like that. I don't know if anyone has any helpful advice about getting the saver to work, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

portals said...

Just checked the screensaver. I can't access the page. When I click on the link it says the page is not found.
Mr Cornish-
Yes, release a calendar that has your artwork for different months. I'd buy it but I don't know how.

Does anyone here have a youtube account called 'Licurius'? I typed Monster Blood Tattoo into youtube, and the comments on one of the vids were posted by 'Licurius', who refered to this blog.

A plan meant to counteract the counteraction of the inhibition of the preparation of defences in order to prevent a raid or ambush.

noelle said...

Portals - for a second I thought you were talking about the clan of female terantologists when you said "calendars."

tadsou - pocket change, or the odd coin.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Portals for trying the link. I tried it too and got the same thing, so at least I know that it's not just my computer/that I'm going crazy. So now I say, "Mr. Cornish, can you please get this fixed because as long as there are no commercial goods I can get ahold of, I'd like to show my MBT through my computer's screensaver?" (For whatever reason, I'm feeling a bit more needy than usual. I apologize for any annoyance caused by reading such pitiful begging. ^^)

portals said...

Ok Mr. Cornish,
If you have the time, please make and MBT character/personality test where we answer questions truthfully and the it tells us what MBT character we are most like. That'd be fun.

Undest- To take away the the inheritace given to an inheritor.

Anonymous said...

There is an MBT-group on Facebook. Don´t know if any of you has syarted it? I joined anyway although there doesn´t seem to be much "action".

portals said...

Which language do you think is more useful, Japanese or German?

Anonymous said...

there's really an MBT group on facebook? :D

crofists: metal claw-shaped objects that are attached to the feet of horses or dogs for travel across icy terrain

Anonymous said...

search for Monster Blood Cult.

R Montallnutt said...

"I think the Half-Continent is my desire to live in a world with a little more lyric in it, where even the most hardened soul still speaks and lives with a lilt of poetry and song in them." - Jolly well put good Sir.

BTW - Has anyone here read "The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray" by Chris Wooding - it really is excellent (and has monster hunters and steam punkery to boot!)?

Anguapay - The remuneration for a Werewolf in the Ankh-Morpork City Watch...sorry ;)

Anonymous said...

Here be my H-c citizen profile. Please excuse the length but don't be shy about constructive criticism.
My name is Dolph Aldright.

I am the resident clerk of the Holly Sprig wayhouse--where I grew up--on the boarder of Naimes’ jurisdiction. Having less than a head for sums, it’s surprising the house master, Hugh Sprigund, keeps me on yet. Probably a courtesy to my father and all his years of faithful calculating. My own love is stories, wayfarers’ yarns and teretological tales like the clients have always told.

I’m currently one and thirty years of age, five foot-eleven, and thin with brown locks and glass-shrouded green eyes. For years I tried to grow a modest mustache, but all that sprouted was a beard so I abandoned the effort. My traveling apparel (what I’m wearing now) consists of a frayed, moss green tricorn, a dun soutaine in considerably better condition, a black waistcoat, and longshanks. My footwear, faded seaboots, has somehow lasted three generations of Aldrights. Remind me to find the gaulder someday.
What weaponry I carry—Renee’s presents aside—consists of six-inch knife and nothing else.

I was raised an invidist and much of the talk I hear confirms Father’s lessons on monsters, but some things I’ve seen on this venture make me question…

Having no terretological training and no direct exposure to untermen prior to this trip I sport neither.

This trip for one. Farthest I’ve ever been from the Sprig. You see, Old Liam’s decided to purchase what’s left of his grandfather’s merchant company back from the man who bought it. Fully fired with his quest to restart our families’ fortunes, he’s grabbed his eldest and I and raised anchor for High Vesting in a hurry. What else interesting…well there’s the wedding. I’m marrying the Sprig’s resident saltskry, Renee Avita, when I get back… Now, enough interrogations! Go chat wit the friendly wit over there.

ertamb= 1. A square Eastern coin. 2. any square coins.

portals said...

Ok, I'll make a profile now...

Griegor Wirstel

Brandenbrass, born in Chasstony

One of the captains of Brandenbrass' lesquin regimets, Griegor leads a life of rigorous training, with the occaisional battle when he is called to defend something (the Spindle, some lone watch tower) from bandits or bogles. He is feared by most of Brandenbrass' common soldiers, although some officers have managed to befriend him.

Griegor has dark hair, a thin, heart shaped face, heavy eyebrows, hollow cheeks, grey eyes, and is average height. Sports a thin, elegant moustache, and a small beard on the tip of his chin.
He wears a proofed white shirt with puffed sleeves that have scarlet inlets and black velvet trousers, held to his waist by and expensive black leather belt.
He also wears knee high black boots, with a point at the toe and an ankle length black (black and white are the colours of Brandenbrass)cloak.On his head he wears a brown Robin Hood hat with a crimson plume.
He carries a pistola with skold-shot, although in battle he weilds a Zweihander (what are they called in the H/c?) as well as his pistola.

Sedorner/Invidist- Invidist. He belives that as a human, human goals and welbeing must come before monsters.

Has an enormous MBT on his chest from when he shot as ettin to the ground, then lopped of its head.

Griegor is sardonic and speaks eloquently.
He never takes the law into his own hands because he belives that as a mercenary, he must do what he is payed to do, nothing more, nothing less.
He does not have much of a personal life, but is supposed to be an excellent card player.

Buirthe- half a coin

Anonymous said...

heyy all.
wow 75 comments!!!

I like Portals idea for the MBT personality test.

I loved Ben Bryddia and Portals profiles.

Portals- German, but I might be biased just coz I know German. Not Japanese..

Anonymous said...

crate: a large box made out of boards...wait...
that's not fair. you can't have REAL words }:(

and here i am one of those who went aaaallll the way back to the post w/the questions to make up a character profile, while the smart people are now doing it here :)

Anonymous said...

Winter has come. It´s snowing and it feels like I´m going to freeze off my fingers and toes. I just don´t seem to be warm. The smaller roads are iceroads which is not good for me, driving on summer-tires. Have to remove frost from my cars windows everyday.
Anyone want to change? A cold country against an warmer place?

Mr Cornis was thinking of one thing..does HC have any myths? It seems like a waste considdering the monsters, they don´t have to make anything, up.
not sure if I can explain right in english. Here in Sweden we had the "folklore"-stories about the Siren-in-the-Woods and about the Stream-Horse (not sure how to translate it correctly).

noelle said...

I'd like to give it a shot...

Buccathora Fairview at your service.

I'd be a travelling punctographist-for-hire; I'd be employed by some wealthy, flashy teratologist to follow them around and mark them with the blood of every nicker they killed. When not employed, I'd hang around in large cities or follow bands of teratologists around. I'd be known by some as an obnoxious hanger-on.

I'd always be on the move, keeping to cities with a large population of eccentric fighting riff-raff. I'd generally avoid remote roads and threwdish places unless I was with a large group of people or employed by a powerful teratoligist.

Short, awkward, odd-looking but not as odd-looking as some, so I wouldn't attract a lot of attention. I'd have short reddish hair which I'd keep covered with a smart little cap. I'd wear enormous spectacles with a special magnifying glass attachment to make my work more precise. I'd wear an assortment of eccentric, brightly-colored clothing: a long trailing cloth, a harlequin-checked tunic, a raggedy cloak with a hood which I could put on to make myself feel mysterious, and a lot of belts and baldrics to hold the tools of my trade.

I'd be one of the wishy-washy people who'd rather not take a stand on that. I'd have an affection for smaller, "cute" monsters, but I'd be terrified out of my wits of the large snarly ones.

I'd have one or two to show off my handiwork, not that I've actually killed a monster, and if I had it would probably have been an accident or a lucky shot. The tattoos would depict impressive gruesome beasts, but in reality would probably come from the blood of some little glamgorn.

I'd have a secret ambition to become a lahzar like the teratologists I hang around with, and I'd make little sketches of myself as a fulgar or a wit in the midst of some epic battle, slaying monsters left and right. Of course, I'm far too poor (not to mention cowardly) for such a thing to be possible.

gutoxin: a nasty, slimy medical remedy for boils, which has become a sort of horror story for mothers to scare their children with. "Be good or I'll give you a spoonful of gutoxin!"

Zakk said...


portals said...

Ok everyone, lets all make profiles.
Ally Mitchell-
Yeah, German does seem good. Also, it has a similar structure to English so it's much easier to learn. Japanese is completely different and it's very hard.

Anonymous said...

worsed part of German is the grammatics, although I hate ALL grammatic.
Japanese sounds nice, like a lullaby but German sounds more hard.

Anonymous said...

yes, anna, i would still trade. yesterday was the first remotely autumn-like day of the year, and it is, what? the end of November?

bered: hair loss in bears

portals said...

I would also trade. I never get much exposure to cold, so i would like to have frost everywhere.
Steres- Plural for a long pole meant for waking up cows and horses

Anonymous said...

I still think you are insane!