Thursday, November 19, 2009

Good News & Bad News

Well, in the midst of completing the 3rd draft, I shall, with great trepidation, start with the bad - as is customary. There is no way to say it but straight: the release of Monster-Blood Tattoo Book 3 will be delayed until September of next year (2010).


Sorry, sorry, sorry. The fault is mine for the time I have taken to write it. Apologies to everyone for causing any consternation at such a revelation. A silver lining to such a cloud is that it gives it all time to be just that bit better (the flip side of this being, it better be pretty darn good now then, huh?); also it will give you more time, Ms Ventress, to get a Sebastipole costume ready *hopeful face*.

Okey dokey, on to the better stuff...

June next year (2010) is when my very first short story - The Corsers' Hinge (see your nearest explicarium for what a 'corser' is) - will be released here in Oz as part of an anthology called,

Australia's Legends of Fantasy

It will be published by Harper Collins, Australia. For you folks in other lands, I shall let you know closer to the date how you might (if you wish it) get your own far-away hands on a copy.

I am very chuffed to be included as a "legend" (who would not!) and some of the other genuine legends involved will be Sean Williams*, Kim Wilkins*, Garth Nix, Trudi Canavan, Ian Irvine*, John Birmingham, Cecelia Dart-Thornton, Juliet Mariller, Jennifer Fallon, and on and on... Quite a list, huh? When a cover image becomes available I shall post it so you know what to look out for.

*I have illustrated one or more of their texts.


smudgeon said...

A shame about the delay, but as you say, it means more time to get it perfick. Which I'm sure it will be.

Good news about the short story - means us plebs have more H-c goodness to enjoy! And double the anticipation for 2010!

What ho!

R.J. Anderson said...

O, the mixed feelings! Of course the book is the most important thing, but September seems so very, very far away!

Ah, well. Congrats on the short story!

ENR said...



No matter... September is my month of birth, parties all around =D

Unknown said...

NOOOOOOOOOO *pauses for breath intake* OOOOOOOOO!

D.M. Cornish said...

I am really really sorry, hope folks can hang in there with me...

ms_ventress said...

True art takes time! Before you know it September will come and pass. Never be sorry!!!

Anna said...

Oh no! what will I read until then? I need my fix pretty bad regulary. If I don´t read I bounce like a rubberball around the apartment.
Jokes aside, I think I´ve found a book to try to read. It´s in english, so I can practize my some what wobbly english. I saw the movie City of Ember and saw it was based on a book so I´ll try to read it and see if it´s any good.

And then I have my research....

noelle said...

*ears droop* That's okay, we've waited this long, we can wait a few months longer!

D.M. Cornish said...

Bless you all, I feel pretty bad about this, so thank you.

djgr said...

just re-read both books, thought i would drop in to see what was up and...oooh mr cornish *very disappointed look* surely your dog didn't eat your homework again?!?
not sure how to break this to my daughter...will re-bate my breath and look forward to your legendary short story to see us through...take care of yourself mate :-)

Carlita said...

Awww, I was hoping for MBT 3 as a birthday present. Now I'm going to have to revise that and make it a 'I'm going back to school and icky textbooks - must have a good book on hand' present (which is just as good as a birthday present). But I'm excited about the short story coming out - twice the Cornish in only one year! 2010 is going to be great.

Alyosha said...

Congratulations on becoming a "legend" among fantasy writers - the honor is well deserved. I just hope that the delay in publication of MBT3 doesn't cause financial difficulty for you. On the other hand, perhaps surviving poverty will add yet another exciting chapter to your someday-to-be written "Autobiography of a Legend!"

Michelle Jackson said...

Oh what joy to know that it is coming though..I have just finished 2, book and audio and I was hoping that it wasn't the end of my dear Rosamund...thank you Mr Cornish for your detail...I am totally enthralled and love the accents on audio..and the Explanicarium in the can just keep on enjoying and learning..the language is delightful

D.M. Cornish said...

Absolutely my pleaseur, Michelle! Fellow enthusiasts like yourself make it all worthwhile. I shall let Humphrey Bower know how much you enjoyed his reading.

And thank you once agian Allyosha for your kind thoughts; I think I shall start breading cats so that my wife and I can eat... (jks! jks!!)

Yes Carlita, it will be the Year of Cornish.

dgjr, tell your daughter I had to fight an entire vinegar ocean of kraulschwimmen to get this story to her, that is why it is taking so long.

monday said...

bad news: :(

good news: :D

but i don't hate you for the bad news, if it makes you feel better.

dying to read your short story, too. short stories are the best. i could get all intellectual and explain how a short story is often a better test of a writer's worth than a novel...but in truth i really just want to read it. haha.

[last weekend i went to a metal music festival and wore a t-shirt upon which i had attempted to copy the Misbegotten Schrewd. sadly, no one commented, but i felt special. just FYI, you know. :)]

Anonymous said...

Well, I can wait, though I may have to hunker down in my basement with ample amounts of fiction, sandwiches, and a videogame or two until then.

On another note, congratulations on the "Legends" stuff!
Recently my bullying the school library to buy "Foundling" bore fruit -I was afraid that it wouldn't be accpeted into a college one. Now, time to focus on "Lamplighter" -the propaganda campaign continues! Mwahahaha!

Bill Bittner said...

I'm looking forward to this book more than any other out there. And I'd rather it be the best it can be, than on time. So rally-on, brother.

Meanwhile, can you recommend any book nearly as delightful as yours?

No? I was afraid not.

Dux said...

D.M. patience is a virtue and the suspense makes it all the more exciting.

-Plus I only just got into MBT recently so i still have the most of lamplighter to go. absolutely loving it!

keep up the good work, blessings.

curiousmoth said...

i look forward to reading the short stories whilst waiting for book 3!

& i think you are fully deserving of inclusion in such an anthology, also (:

portals said...

Well... thats ok. I really look forward to the short story!

Kathryn said...

i don't care what the release date is, the longer they take in releasing it the longer they have for making it the best that it can be! keep up the good work Mr Cornish, we can't wait to read the last book and the short story!

Unknown said...

Who do you think you are, George R.R. Martin???


I'll survive the wait, I suppose. Maybe now I'll have enough time to save up for that trip to OZ for the massive release party you're having.

Oh, wait, no party? Come to Seattle, I'll throw you one!

Unknown said...

I have, some questions about technology in the Harthe Alle and its applications, if Mr. Cornish is inclined to answer or if other readers wish to posit their takes.
First, are gastrines used for large scale, non-maritime applications (e.g. manufacturing plants, farming, or construction) in the Half-Continent or elsewhere in the world of Monster Blood Tattoo? If not, is it more indicative of the mercantile interests of the societies depicted in MBT, or merely the infeasibility of using gastrines for other things, or is it something else?
Second, your books contain some ominous hints of the "dark trades" which make use of the organs of monsters. What comments can you make (without giving away the mystery) on how gastrines, and sthenicons are made and how their production compares to what occurs in the "dark trades"? To what do these devices owe their "above board" reputation?
I will try to curb my eagerness for the release of Factotum in light of its extended editorial period. I would not begrudge you, Mr. Cornish, the author, the time required for your book to meet your standards. Your determination to utilize the editorial process for the benefit of your books is apparent.

Anonymous said...

Of course we are very sad, but it's what is needed to finish the story properly.
Thanks so much for your hard work, I can't wait to rejoin my friend Rossamund and his world. I pray the book is incredibly long!


Anna said...

Just wish the book 3 will be brick-size so it at least will take a day to read. deep sigh.

Winter said...

Ah, well. We will just have longer to enjoy the anticipation. And more time to reread the first two. So long as we know the release date plenty in advance to take the day off to read I will be happy. :D (darn you schedule, being made a month at a time.)

Happy editing!

Zakk said...

(shakes fist at the heavens above)
That is soooooooo annoying. You see, Factotum's release coincided with my birthday, (as I keep reminding my parents) and now I will have to wait until, what, September?!?!

No I'm ecspeccially thankful I discovered Clive Woodall's book 'One for Sorrow, Two for Joy'which is really good.



Anonymous said...

NOOOOOOOOOO! I can't believe it!

Then again, the last time I checked this blog was a year ago, so....I guess I shouldn't be too disappointed. But I reread Foundling and Lamplighter specially to prepare!


Jackie said...

(The comment above was me too.)

By the way, I love Europe. You're one of the only (non-female) authors I have found that can actually write kick-butt, realistic female characters. Then again, a lot of the female authors now are horrible and can't write either....*CoughcoughStephanieMeyercoughcough*

Threnody is ok too, but she's so stuck-up and selfish! Reminds me of my little sister(s) too much...But oh, the realism! I love it!

Keep writing!

Anna said...

No book today
my mind goes away
have nothing good to read
my brain needs to feed
on words and papersmell
so please will you tell
where to find
something to ease my mind
while waiting fot that special book
oh, tell me where to look
now I will end this ode
and put me on a hold mode.

noelle said...

I just wanted to pipe in and agree with Jackie about Europe - it was her illustration on the cover which compelled me to pick up the book in the first place!

Christmas is coming, and hopefully everyone will get some new books to tide us over until next September!

Lynda Moss said...

Ooh now I am sad! I recently bought the first two books for my 11 year old son to read but I got in first and read them both over these last few days. I just got to the end of of Lamplighter and went to put my shoes on to buy the third book.

Fortunately I decided to check online to find what it was called and to my horror found it was not even released yet and I would have to wait until May and now this.....

Aww shucks I guess I shall have to do some housework instead and sew the name tapes on the kids' uniforms - Back to reality with a harsh bump!