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Well, the final chapter is re-re-re-rewritten and I am now working on the US edit notes for the third draft. Thought I'd take a break to answer a couple of questions from last post.

First off the rank, Alyosha asked: When Rossamund is setting out on his adventures, and receives the gift of a fine valise in which to carry his few belongings, he has a strong feeling that whoever made the valise intended good things for it’s owner. What’s more, when he’s packed it and lifts it, he finds it much lighter than he expected considering all that’s inside. On one hand, both of these things could be put down to the excitement of a young man at the start of an adventure. On the other hand, for someone who, at a later point in the story, can feel the pull of the moon even when it’s hidden behind clouds, maybe feelings of that sort have some real weight to them. Is Rossamund’s valise more than it seems?

Indeed it is, sir, well spotted! Indeed, you are the first person to do so (well to tell me at least) so my respect! Unfortunately there seemed little scope in the story that came out of me to explore it further, so I left it just as these obscure references. What is actually is I am not sure whether to talk about here or wait to explore in some other story...? Preferences, anyone?

Well, Asia, after some consultation with me they are changing the name to The Foundling Trilogy (I was most enamoured with Rossamund Bookchild, but it was felt that anything with the word 'child' in it might put off older readers; I disagree and think this is overthinking the matter, but only have so much say with an entire ocean between my US publishers and I), with the three individual volumes remaining Foundling, Lamplighter, Factotum.

As to factotums (properly, factotii, Tornac, they are indeed just servant/secretaries who usually can fight a bit too. Threnody's awe is not at Rossamund becoming a factotum, it is that he is becoming a factotum of the Branden Rose!, that she believes Rossamund beneath such an honour. All factotii have distinction not so much because of what they are or do, but rather who they do it for. Great question.

Finally, Carlita has just got wind of the film deal which I can confirm as true. As of right now there is a director assigned (cannot as yet divulge names, sorry) and a writer, and some significant interest from effects companies. So no still no guarantee that it will be happening, but goodly steps closer to an eventuality.


Unknown said...

Oh Rossamund Bookchild is such a beautiful name for the trilogy, I feel for you Mr. Cornish.

Yours truly,


Unknown said...

I'm back again, this makes me kinda angry! Why can't you name your own creation!? They are overthinking the matter, just going for a neutral title to appeal. Someone who's really going to appreciate the books will love the flavor of "Rossamund Bookchild".

My heart goes out to you,


Ayla said...

Jim Henson Jim Henson Jim Henson.....

Alyosha said...

Thank you for your answer, but no, don't tell us any more about the valise just now. I'd much rather learn more through a story or, if that is not to be, to enjoy the mystery and imagine my own scenario.

I also prefer "Rossamund Bookchild" as the trilogy title - even moreso than the original "Monster Blood Tattoo." It has a Victorian feel to it, which fits both the style of the story and the wordplay in its telling. But perhaps I should say no more since having all of your fans agreeing with your title choice may make you feel ever more disgruntled. So many of the oldest tales warn of the terrible things that happen when some small disgruntlment is allowed to grow!

Carlita said...

Thanks for the name-change and movie update. It's a pity that the name needed to be changed at all, but at least it's not a horrific change (though I can't think of any terrible names, I'm sure they're out there ... )

Unknown said...

Movie? Wowie!

Anonymous said...

I do not know if will make up for the name change but I always preferred Monster Blood Tattoo as the title, but that's just me. All I have to say about a movie; awesome.

Kind of off topic, I was wondering because I do not believe I have seen it in Foundling or Lamplighter (only written) I want to see your depiction of a "Monster blood tattoo" on a monster "slayer" or an extremest if you will. Not really an evil person ( depending on how you see it) but a serious monster hunter with all kinds of tattoos. I can come up with lots with imagination, but I just adore your art work. If its in Factotum then I can not wait to read the book, if not then maybe one day after Factotum you could do a side story on such. Ive posted here before just forgot my log in password. I do not post often but come to the blog almost everyday.


Jackie said...

Definitely discuss the valise at some point- I don't care where, just tell us a little more, because I'm sure it has an interesting background.

About the movie- If it does look likely that it's going to happen, pleaseohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohPLEASE DO NOT let the filmmakers mess it up! I hate it when a great story is ruined by being rewritten for a movie. (However, I'd still go to see it anyway, just because it's MBT.)

Speaking of Threnody- Why did she act so possessive of Rossamund? Did she want Rossamund as her factotum, or did she just like him? Or was she reacting because she was jealous of the Bradon Rose?

portals said...

At least ere in Australia the title change won't affect us. I saw an audiobook of Foundling in a bookstore with a blue cover. Is that the cover for the America release? I loved the paperback cover for foundling!

RottenPocket said...

Just a theory,

Seeing as Monsters have pretty much a keen sense of everything can we assume they are more aware of Teratologists? By this I am referring to Monster Hunters of whom most if not all mark themselves with Monster blood. The idea is if Monsters perhaps sense who of everymen kind are a specific threat. This could make life between Monsters and Eekers easier to understand, yes?

We assume that Lahzars would be a dead give away with their altered organs. But I'm guessing that because in the books it is implied that organs used in Lahzars may be of monsters, chemically altered and whatnot - is it valid to suggest it's really the scent or itching awareness of monster blood markings that really ticks them off?

Ergh, late night fancy talk. In other words - Are monsters aware of which humans possess Monster Blood Tattoos without seeing with their own eyes, and does that influence heavily whom they see as a threat? Rossamund [we can heavily assume] is of monster blood and any action by monsters against him are taken with consideration. Perhaps it's the sense of their blood kin festering under human flesh that really grinds their gears?

Craig Elliott said...

I love these books, the best fantasy since Lord of the Rings and just as good. I am a film and animation designer for Disney, Dreamworks, Universal, Nickelodeon etc. and would love to work on your film adaptation. If you are interested swing by my site. Keep up the great work!

Craig Elliott
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Anonymous said...

I say my dear Watson, I do believe we've been spammed!

D.M. Cornish said...

Ack! Indeed! Unpleasant and unhelpful. Apologies to any who clicked through on that one - all gone now... And wrack off whoever put it there! or, to put it more bluntly, 無くなっている、不適当な馬鹿得なさい!

D.M. Cornish said...

Oh, and cheers, Craig Elliot! Will be in touch, sir.

D.M. Cornish said...

The blue cover, Mr Portals, if it was for Foundling, is actually the Aussie hardback cover.

About the film, Jackie, I shall see what I can do, but it is (as I read recently won selling film rights for your book), like selling your house to someone: you might have an oppinion on what colour they paint the walls, but there is nothing you can do about it. My control in the film will be limited, I reckon, if even I have a say at all... We shall see.

Thank you for you heart, Alex, much appreciated, and no disgruntlement, Alyosha, not yet anyway. I have had my say, it has been considered, but in the end, so far away, Putnam/Penguin will do as they see fit. Heck, Tolkein did not want to split up his story into three parts and was not at all happy with the title Return of the King which was what the publisher chose. In light of this, I reckon I cannot expect much different.