Thursday, August 23, 2007

Back from Melly.

For those who are not familiar with Australian parlance, "Melly" is short for Melbourne, and I have returned as the title of this blog suggests.

As to the CBCA Awards I am so very very pleased to declare that not only was MBT 1 short-listed, it actually managed to make it as an Honour Book - which means silver, 2nd place!


Now the book will get little silver stickers on it (well here in Australia it will) My hearty congratulations to the deep and delightful Ursula Dubosarsky The Red Shoe, my follow honour book awardee and to the wonderful Margo Lanagan Red Spikes, which took out the top spot, and deservedly so (IMHO) - though it is a shame they can not award gold to more than one. Here is the complete list of the CBCA 2007 results.

Whilst there in Melly, my wife and I had a coffee with femina and she promptly informed me that my blogging-style of writing was not at all like my book-style of writing. I had this awful sensation like my underpants were showing or something. It was a good observation, and ties in with my own struggle with style and voice. The very text you are now reading is more how I talk, it is just written conversation - does that mean my words in the MBT's are too contrived? Would the books be better if I just wrote them like this? Then again, when preparing finished illustrations I don't just scribble the first thing that comes to me - I do roughs, I model and refine a drawing till I am satisfied. In the same way when writing I wrestle with the sound and feel of my words until I am satisfied. I can sit with my head down staring at the floor for a goodly long time just trying to compose one sentence.

If I ever get to write more that MBT, if I ever get to explore this life of writing further, how much will my style change I wonder: will my books become looser - more modern, or shall my blogs become more wordy?

Anyway, enough self-consciousness! Enough navel-gazing! (omphaloscepsis I believe this is called - this is a real word not a H-c word, though I am sure I will be adapting it to something: it is just too good not to use. Perhaps an Imperial think-tank, the omphalosceptics, who puzzle and nut things out for the Emperor, who live and work in the Scepticon... hmmm...)

As to Rossamünd’s face, madbomber expressed concern at it being revealed, and it may well be that in different countries different degrees of revelation occur. Does this mean I have copped-out, I sure hope not *looks worried*. As a writer I am stubborn and argumentative, as an illustrator I am more agreeable and it was as an illustrator solving a brief that led to the drawing of Rossamünd’s profile. We will just have to wait and see.

... and yes, Mr Bomber, bless you, Dyan is a spectacular person indeed. It was more than fate that brought our paths together and I am greatful to have met her and for the strange events that lead to that meeting. Lord willing we will be working together for a long time to come.

Oh, and for breakfast today I had AllBran [TM] Wheat Flakes Honey & Almond (how beautiful do almond trees look in late winter, such burstings of blossom - I can well imagine whole forests of them, autumnlands like the Autumn of Sleep, mystic places where the urchin-lords live.)


Anonymous said...

Fine daisyhay to ye!
I think iv exuasted the internet for now so ill come up with a list of questions.

As asked a while ago I was wondering about the religons and if you’ve had time to work on them at all if not no worry just get that book to us

Id also like to check on if that expanded map may come out with this book wether poster that you bye separate or with the book?
Or wether the publishers are still sitting on the idea?

Were is southern Verid Litus could you give us a picture or something ?
(Note to self cheack to see if there are pics in book)

Could we have a bit more info on The path of the Signal Stars?

preview of Book 2
I think you’ve been asked this a few times and I know that publishers get first and last say on but how bout it?

Bit short but allwell

Beluae Nunquam Superarum (may the monsters never get you)

madbomber said...

gday mate,

So was there a massive after award party? If so did you see any other high profile writers getting drunk and making arses of themselves? Where's the goss?


cheers Bomber

PS did you miss the word question? Or have you tired of the game? refresher for you: Publisher.

Femina said...

The blogging vs. book writing style comment wasn't a criticism. I wouldn't expect them to be the same, any more than I'd expect your casual conversation over coffee to be like your public speaking style. I like the blogs as they are; it's like having conversations with an old (and much missed) friend!

I was also delighted finally to meet the very lovely Mrs DMC while you were here in Melly... I felt like I'd known her forever... it was so fantastic to see you both.

Nate said...

Thanks for putting another drawing up!
please keep em coming. (as long as you're not too busy that is) It would be really cool to see a drawing of a false-god or, if that is something you're saving for later, it would be cool to at least get some more information on them. I find them very interesting.
The news about Jim Henson Company is exciting, It would be fun to see some puppet versions of your monsters.

Nina said...

I just finished book one and enjoyed it immensly. I think it would make a fantastic campaign setting for a role playing game (RPG). There's got to be some money in it - you could ask your publisher. Check out Iron Kingdoms from Privateer Press. Their mileu is similar in some ways (pistoleers) to the HC but quite different in others (nothing like the fulghars). Have you considered and RPG addition to the franchise?

D.M. Cornish said...

Dear femina, I was not offended at all by comments, just provoked as to my own attitudes - did not mean to sound like I was dobbing on you. Mr Bomber - I most certainly have not tired of the word games at all! Things on publishers, false-gods and religions to come (in time) Honest.

Nate said...

thanks for the comments.
Abbie liked the video very much.
Dan Deacon isn't too big but he's been getting some good press recently.
I figured that the false-gods might be something you were saving for later, I guess I'll have to be patient.

(p.s. nice music list)