Tuesday, August 07, 2007

To fill the gap

Yes yes, technical issues are making it hard to get a fully realised blog to you as promised but the expanded issue is coming very shortly. The faithful regulars will be getting used to this stop start thing I suppose - certainly not my preferred method of blogging but I will get a handle on this as my crammed schedule allows.

Just have to say I have been loving the comments: a whole lot of stuff the answer there - I shall be endeavouring to get answers to all your queries, even to all of giantfan's multiple comments (you really have been digging about the net haven't you, sir, keep them coming...)

The potential names for that ettin are universally excellent and I mull over them even now; thinking a combination of some plus a bit of my own thing will be the end result - we shall see.

... and for those distressed by the fact of the wait for Book 2 all I can continue to say is very very sorry, a book is only late until it released but is bad forever - I sure hope you find it worth the withdrawal. To those who have expressed admirable patience, thank you so much. Either way I am very encouraged: it is a privilege to have people eager to read on and I can let you know that I puzzle over Book 3 even as you read. Its title is up for grabs now, any previous ideas for possible Book 3 title are no longer valid as I wrestle with what happens next.

Finally I can confirm that a contract with the Jim Henson Company has been entered in to, that a film of the MBT series is possible, though at this stage there are no guarantees. There is still a lot yet to be sorted before a film can actually happen, so watch this space for any further developments. Either way, very exciting indeed.


Anonymous said...

ya i got a mention sorry again bout all the comments will try to cut down

Winter said...

I'd be interested to see MBT realized in film by the Jim Henson Company. They do some exceptional work.

Glad to hear that's there's a third book in the works as well.

The anticipation of a thing can be just as sweet as the thing itself.

Anonymous said...

Who are
Frangipanni a skold

Idaho-II some sort of eccentric queen judging by the crown and the fact that she is the second Idaho says something of her importance names being such a big thing in HC

Rookwood – I think ive got some more info on him he was drawn some time in 2002 I have a picture of him and it says, as the copyright sign has 2002 on it I have now concluded that he was drawn in 2002
2 on it
there is also a picture next to it but I don’t yet know what that refers to

Lady Yalena – I think was also drawn in 2002
As it has the same symbol and
I think she is part elf or part goblin or something dew to her pointy ears and green skin she caries a bow and sword no very modern weapons or very HC so she may not appear in these books

Quen – was also drawn in 2002 I can tell by the copyright sign
I believe her to be elf or something similar because of her pointy ears
She may have been in a fight or something she appears to have cuts or scars on her body
She is also caring a piece of bamboo or something similar

Ixidor - also drawn in 2002 as it has the copyright sign and the strange symbol
Has a crazy look in his eyes may be a fulger as I think he has sparks dancing round his hands
He caries a doll on his belt
And a short sword (refer to book)
And some pouches which may suggest scold tho he is missing a hat
They may just be potives or ingredients for the carthers trecial

Duches of butter flies – was drawn in 2003 and has a slightly evil or sinister look about her face
Is much larger than a butterfly and could be classed as a nicker

Dolours – may be a scold she has a large satchel hanging from straps on her back
A tattoo on her face in the form of a big line from forehead to chin running over her left eye and is wearing a tall hat

Daimon2 – is a swords man of some kind caring 2 swords which on the bottom of the handle (hilt) have 2 golden dogs
Wearing studded leather Carrying a small satchel and a pouch at his waste
His face has a triangular tattoo under his left eye
He may be caring one other knife
And In this picture I cant see a sheath anywhere for the swords
Drawn in 2002

Calander2 - was drawn in 2003
And wares a strange cloth hat which appears to be wrapped around wood
Wares a scarf

Trudgedget - was I think drawn in 2002
Caries a staff like wand and wears a crown
Also has a diamond tattoo above her left eye
And appears to be wearing a sheet

Hircinoid – not much on him apart from being drawn in 2002
And being goat like

I also have a few pics of monsters ect but cant get any details

Could you give us an exerpt from
Attack from Mars
If you still have it?
I know you were little but id like to see some of your earlier work

Would it be possible to have a online Explainatorium?

Could you explain the more obscure types of Habilistics (Scince)

Keep up the good work

If you would like to talk to me

Beluae Nunquam Superarum (May the Monsters never get You!)

i think that will do

p.s. i cant rember my password/user name
so ill keep posting like this

madbomber said...

Gday mate,

Good to see you havn't fallen off the face of the Earth, I get worried that perhaps you've succumbed to all the pressures of re-writing.

Happy point of fact, I get to meet your publisher next week! I missed the last time she did a lecture at Uni so I'm very happy to have the chance to pick her brain about why she decided to pick you up.

Any chance you could come and talk at some stage or other? I have a research project due in a couple of weeks and I'd love the chance to chat about the difficulties you have faced from a personal perspective. I understand this is unlikely given you are probably flat out.

I have just started writing my own fantasy story and its one of the hardest things I have ever attempted to do. when I'm awake at all hours of the morning trying to forget about the main character, it makes me realise how encompassing writing can be.

If you get this message, could you please respond. I'd love to know the possibility of actually getting the chance to talk with you.


even a simple 'sorry too busy' would be sufficient, I don't want to press you.

cheers Bomber

Anonymous said...

Could you give us an idea of how big the book will be
and will the cover be as great as the last

Anonymous said...

Oooo... I'm worried...

Books do not usually translate to film well... Especially ones with lots of detail...

How would viewers that would not have read the book know what skolds, etcetera, are? A lot of exposition in dialogue would have to be added wouldn't it?

But I'm probably wrong. I don't usually think these thing through...

Anonymous said...

cool... a movie.

Johnny Bravo said...

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