Monday, March 03, 2008

And the winner is...

... well not Monster-blood Tattoo anyway. The top dog in the Childrens' Literature section of the 2008 Festival Awards for Literature was actually (the roll of drums - or "flams and parradiddles" as Craumpalin would call them):

Don't Call Me Ishmael by Michael Bauer, published by Omnibus Books (my own publisher BTW)


Worthy worthy worthy.

It is a funny feeling when another gets the prize; certainly no bitterness or rage or any such thing, just a honest yet muted disappointment overborne by delight a/ just to have been shortlisted & b/ that someone has one - everyone likes a winner - in this case a someone I very much admire.

Truly it is just amazing to me that a 'fantasy' book (I used the term loosely) was even allowed to inhabit the shortlist of a literary prize, that not just you and I believe that the genre does not only have to be thin and/or derivative but can be done to a higher level.

It also struck me recently that it is a most Providential thing that I am a part of the YA scene where eyes and minds are wide open and hearts ready to receive what ever innovations authors care to cunjour. I do not think ol' MBT might have received quite the same attention had it been released through the more usual adult channels. How things can work out, even from the depths I found myself in during 2003 still amaze me. Halelujah! All those years of fuddling about with book after book of obscure little ideas only a very few understood, like some nerdy Jekyll suddenly, with the insight of one woman (Dyan Blacklock, Omnibis Books) I am propelled to bigger better things.

So to all of you, fellow Jekyll fuddlers, fuddle on - who knows where it will take us!


Drew said...

Sorry to hear that MBT didn't grab the prize, but your thoughts on this post are very gracious.
I'm drafting some questions for the interview-- let me know where to send them (email me at drewbitt (a)
all best,

Anonymous said...

Gday mate, I didn't like 'Dont Call me Ishmael", I thought it was very over-rated and when Dyan was talking about it she used the only funny part in the story. The peg bit.

Who decides the winner?

cheers Bomber

D.M. Cornish said...

Oh, you know, the usual gang of peers and luminaries. I am really pleased with them for including a book with "monsters and other silly stuff" in their sellection.

Have you read Michael's first book, The Running Man? A tad more serious.

Anonymous said...

Not having read Don't Call Me Ishmael I can't say much beyond offering both commiserations on not being the lucky winner and congratulations on being so graceful about it.

Anonymous said...

Gday mate, Perhaps the reason I didn't like Ishmael was that I had read The Running Man. Now THAT was an award winning story! Very moving, and powerful writing.


Snooze said...

I find that most of the really anoying dull, boring, and [insert choice of bad word] books tend to get awards. Such as the many books we are forced to read at school and do lengthy essays on... >:(
lol... but of course there is always the exception of MBT if it wins a prize (which it ought to)

so don't be upset... even though If I were you I could possibly be crying my eyes out, and feeling VERY depressed...

lol.. but everyone who reads MBT reckons it should get an award (I am assuming this by the way... so I HOPE IT"S TRUE!!!) lol