Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Flat Stanley

Feeling pretty low at the moment - no good reason to, just been on a peak with Book 3 for the last few weeks and the inevitable trough has arrived. I don't know why books just can't write themselves then give their "authors" the glory...

Sorry to be a downer for you all. May be it has something to do with the fact I have not had breakfast yet today?

Happy note: Benjamin Lacombe has posted the finished illustration and design of the French cover for Terres des Monstres: L'enfant Trouvé (Monster-Blood Tattoo: Foundling and actually meaning "land of monsters: the found child"). The site is, unsurprisingly, in French, but the images speak in every language and they are tre magnifique!

It is a beautiful thing to share.

Also, just in case it was not noticed, I have refreshed the character profile - now Citizens of the Hlf-Continent - with a new personage of the H-c. I hope it is edifying.


Erin said...

I LOVE that cover! And this blog layout!

Drew said...

Hey DM-
Seems to be inevitable that the euphoria of a writing rush gives way to an equally inevitable low. Give yourself a moment to recoup your energies and get refreshed.

Would it help to do something totally out of the ordinary? Me, I visit museums, the zoo and other places I don't ordinarily go when I need a change of pace. It might help.

Hope you feel recharged real soon-- and that you'll enjoy the questions I sent earlier.

all best,

meli said...

hope you're feeling better. did breakfast help? hot cross buns for breakfast always helps me.

my first primary school teacher used to read flat stanley to us.

apostrophe*liberation*front said...

Flat Stanley!

I always thought he and Harold (of Purple Crayon fame) should hang out together.

Haroldus and the Purple Cruorpunxis?

btw, this be Lisa in Seattle. :)

D.M. Cornish said...

I used to love my Flat Stanely book, the idea of him getting through drain grilles just fascinated me.

Haroldus and the Purple Cruorpunxis indeed; hey! perhaps Harold could come to the Considine Teaparty?