Wednesday, April 30, 2008



Unknown said...

Checked borders again at lunch, still in the "not yet released" basket.

Whats the bet that they still don't have it for several more weeks?

Anyway, maybe somewhere else in Sydney has it? Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

yes cant wait .. hmmm may have to skip karate tomorow? well looking foward to it wonder if school would mind if i play truant better not i spose damn tomorows going to be a long day

Femina said...


Sadly I'll have no time to look for it until Saturday, but it's nice to know it's there anyway.

jonathan said...

I've seen it! Arrived from our supplier with all the new books I get to choose from for the library. Started reading it too, but I have to give it back & wait for our order to come through :-(

It's big. And wonderful.

matt said...

Just got my copy (gotta love Barnes and Noble) and tore through the first chapter while eating lunch. Cannot wait to dig into it further, opening chapter was a great way to get you into the next book. Great stuff!