Monday, April 14, 2008

A sennight pair to go!

This is high-falutin' Half-Continent speak for two weeks to go! - well a little over two weeks, but close enough for the call!

"To go till what?" I hear you not actually ask, because this is a blog and I am in my wife's study typing it, all on my own, just me and the terror of the blank page. But I shall answer anyway, because conducting pretend conversations is professional risk; it is just a little over TWO WEEKS until Lamplighter officially hits the shelves in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and US.

Very excited, though it must be said that it is a rather small deal in light of Tibet and China and that blasted torch-thingy - where I do not believe sport can some how be mysteriously separated from politics as if one part of human existence could be hermetically seal away from another, or the infuriating egomania of Mugabe and all the misery he inflicts - watching such transparent deception and manipulation is so infuriating it makes me want to roar.

Anyway, welcome to a new week.


Anonymous said...

um to your last comment on last post yes its great that your working on book 3 not a bad thing at all hows it shaping up?
um to a poll a while ago i would like to here little dogs story when he grows up i feal he would be interesting and who are the haacobins apart from the enemy of the turks?
and im looking at the hc map now what is that place in wurtemberg foulness it seams like only verry brave and dangerous people would live there as it seams to be along way from anywere
well thats enough questions for now been a while


Kathryn said...

TWO WEEKS!!!!! i cant wait that long though! i guess i will just have to be patient and quickly finnish the books that i am reading at the moment

Femina said...

Huzzah! Very exciting - what's the exact date it comes out? I'll be haunting my local bookstore that day for sure.

Anonymous said...

I tell you what i think D.M Cornish Mr.Cornish should do a master of elements through a scientific sense e.g a shadow user would be able to collect negative energy particles through special absorbsion pads or collecters on thier hands from and 'exotic creature' and a fire user able to collect positive energy particles What do you think Mr.Cornish Maybe you could do a poll? People would be able to say what they like

Anonymous said...

Wow, can it really be two weeks?
all best, DM!

Anonymous said...

Only 2 weeks... I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

My first thought was, still not May then. Very exciting stuff all the same. I would imagine it's ten times more exciting and infinitely more nerve-wracking for you of course.

Don't think of it as being a small deal. Think of it as being a little snippet of good news to help balance out all the bad.

D.M. Cornish said...

Good point, Kate, good point.

I shall certainly think on it, ILOVEYOURBOOK(s)SOMUCH! - might be an interesting topic for a post.