Monday, November 12, 2007

Remarkable! Illustrations of the Half-Continent

May I invite you all to head over to the Spanish MBT website, Tatuaje de Monstruo. There they have run a drawing/painting competition and the results are just - well - wow!

It is hard to describe the feeling of seeing such a response from others to my own ideas - it is a very very good feeling, that is for certain: community, sharing, connection - these are all there.

A los que han hecho este trabajo puedo decir solamente, en Español gravemente traducido...
(To those who have done this work I can only say, in badly translated Spanish)

Le agradezco de mi corazón por sus imágenes maravillosas. Son verdad hermosas y me ayudan a ver el Mitad-Continente (del Continente Central) de maneras mejores que hice antes. Digo otra vez le agradezco!


madbomber said...

gday mate,

There were some pretty good pictures in that lot.

Quite trippy to have people making a competition over something you have created? Which one did you like best?

Bomber - with a wife and TWO kids! :P

Femina said...

Wow, some of those are outstanding. I really love "El viaje de Rossamünd" and "Expósitos, vagando por los yermos expuestos a todo" (my housemate says I like that one because it has a Tim Burton feel to it).

D.M. Cornish said...

It is hard to say which I like the best: they all have merit for various reasons - I feel like I'd be listing more than half the images if I were to tell you.

Suffice to say, I dig the ones that show Europe doing her thing and I love all the varieties of grinlings. Also like the images that show how people think the Hc looks.

Anonymous said...

I think the one of Europe stepping down from the coach with the help of Rossamund is my favourite. That goat head in the upper right corner really makes the picture.

Femina said...

I am gravitating towards the ones that show Rossamund as I imagine him to be inside - ie, they're not 'realistic' images of him but they seem to capture his spirit.

Rowan Dodds said...
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Rowan Dodds said...

Very cool - It must be such an honor to see other peoples interpretation of your world and characters.

There are some great illustrations there, especially the green & yellow lamplighter and the 'Risitas'