Saturday, November 10, 2007

Time for a bit o' fun

It is getting a tad serious here. I am afraid I might be exhausting people with all the heavy pondering. Therefore, in response I'd like to show how I look - if I were on The Simpsons [TM].

An intriguing likeness. I wonder what I might do in an actual episode - get shot through and acid factory like Luke Perry perhaps? Hmm...

I am probably waaaay behind; you all have probably known about Simpsonising [TM] yourselves for ages. I would love to see what you guys might look like as citizens of Springfield [TM] - not sure how though - perhaps you could post them somewhere then leave links in the comments? Maybe that'll work?

By the way, I am digging the polls - very informative, I love getting feedback. I hope people are enjoying them. Anyone got a good idea for any other questions I could be asking? Also, does anyone have a real world term they would like to challenge me to turn into a Half-Continent term? (It has been soooo long since I last had a go at this - so go on, challenge me.)


Femina said...

That's a little scary... that kind of DOES look like you. MY Simpsonised self looks the way I wish I looked!

madbomber said...

gday mate,

I hadn't seen that site before so my son and I had some fun playing with it.

He was a little dissapointed that he couldn't be made to look like 'Christmas'. My wife dressed the boys as little elves for the pageant day.

Me as a Simpson:

My son James as a Simpson:


Femina said...

I forgot to leave mine. Here it is:¤t=your_image.png

Anonymous said...

Half-Continent version of real-world term CHALLENGE:

mobile phone

(the first two obviously far in the future of Rossamund's time)

D.M. Cornish said...

Hehe, Mr Bomber - very cool. It is a revelation that you have a son and all. I have to confess I was thinking you were more a single older uni-student. That puts your comments in your last post in a new light: obviously you right on the horns of questions about objectionable texts!

I don't know Ms Femina, I reckon it is a good likeness.

Ahh Mooseguy, you throw down the gauntlet I see. A juicy challenge.

markus said...

Hi Mr Cornish,
It's been a while since I've posted a comment, but I was looking up info about the author Dave Luckett on the internet, and I couldn't help but notice that the cover of one of his books, "The Truth About Magic" looks very similar to your art style. Did you illustrate that cover?
I've been enjoying Luckett's Tenabran trilogy, have you read it? Along with MBT, I think it's one of the best fantasy series produced here in Oz.

D.M. Cornish said...

Hey there, Markus, how's things? Yes, indeed I did illustrate two of Mr Luckett's books, the School of Magic series - The Truth About Magic and the Return of Rathalorn - two books that have deserved a wider readership than they have currently received.

It was just was after I had completed illustrating The Truth About Magic cover that I actually began MBT:Foundling - way back in those early days.

I agree with, Mr Luckett writes a fine adventure, with attention to solidity and believability. I deeply enjoyed the Tenabran books - in so many ways after my own heart. I really hope he gets to complete the School of Magic trilogy.

Mr Luckett is also a wonderful fellow, a gentleman and an encouragement to me when I first set out to write too.