Tuesday, August 25, 2009

No Parallel Importation of Books into Australia

No Parallel Importation of Books into Australia

Yes, I am still banging on about this, and I need to...

For those who agree with me that the removal of Parrallel Imporation structures is a bad idea, please, 'sign' the petition linked above - and for those who want to know more about this issue here is a starting point.

As for MBT 3, I am currently drawing the last few chapter illustrations, which can be a joy at times and truly hair-tearingly frustrating at others. I have discovered that I am not as good as drawing hands as I used to be - too much writing and not enough sketching over the last 18 months has certainly made the old drawing muscles rusty.

Looking forward to the continuing adventures of Hesuimu and Somedood versus Borky the Coednedded Stanislaudian Giant Ant - my werazi cans are lined up and ready. (If this makes no sense to you than please read comments from last post - if you dare - they had me giggling... though I am wierd like that...)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Factotum 2nd Draft is DONE!

You'd better believe it!

The impossible has become the possible.

Explicarium and character illos to go...
(plus further correcting of a 3rd draft - here's hoping that will not be too great a task)