Friday, April 23, 2010

Was-MBT US Edition covers have arrived.

Hello hello hello everyone! It has been too long, sorry about that...

Let me make amends to you all by showing you the new US dust jackets for the re-badged MBT. (That's right; re-badged. If you have not caught it in previous posts, the US/Can series of Monster Blood Tattoo will now be dubbed The Foundlings Tale, with the titles of each individual volume to stay the same)

So, on with the show...

Ta da!

The images in the covers are very vertical, I know, that's how Jamie (the illustrator) likes it. Though these are not exactly how I conceive the Half-Continent, as an illustrator myself I like to have a little latitude to create and conjure and so, whilst the pedantic author in me wanted to fuss about accuracy, the empathetic illustrator in me was more than happy to grant scope to a fellow fabulist.

I hope they meet with your approval... If not, that's cool, too.