Thursday, September 03, 2009

Who lives where in the Harthe Alle

In an as usually belated response to a continuing question about the inhabitants of the Half-Continent and beyond I have put this map up again but now with all new NUMBERS![TM] by which I intend to answer said query. So here 'tis:

1/ Southeastern tip of Nenin, in the continent known as the Occident = Oriental derived cultures;

2/ Western coast of Heil, called Tung and home to a peoples derived from Mongol/ central asian cultures;

3/ Heilgoland proper, an empire based somewhat on Russian/ central European cultures;

4/ I cannot remember what this area is called specifically but it is home to a wide group of wild folk;

5/ The somewhat mythic lands of Fiele, little is known of here but that perhaps its is a land of sedorners and many monsters;

6/ The (Greater) Derelands, original home of the Skylds (for those who recall the history of Ingebiarge), origin of greater derehunds (most excellent tykehouds) and home of the Hagenards and various other peoples based on Nordic cultures;

7/ Parthia, wide lands, home of wild Hun-like folks;

8/ The Brigandine States, home of the pirate kings;

9/ The very southern edge of the Principalitine States, based on Indian/ Moghul cultures;

10/ The N'go, spread with vaguely African-based cultures of various attitudes to monsterkind;

11/ Turkmantine Empire, the Haacobin empire's most constant foe, based on Ottoman culture;

12/ The Half-Continent, home of the Haacobin and Gott Empires plus minor free peoples, based on western European cultures;

13/ Lausid elector kings and Ing, the former based on Polish culture moving through Hungarian culture and ending in north central Asian cultures;

14/ Dhaghestahn = basically Persian in source.

I surely hope this does not ruin it for people, knowing my sources, my intent; the hope is to show my thinking and give you a sense that there is more to come (Lord willing) beyond Monster-Blood Tattoo.

Also, Magos Kasen asked...
I am not sure if this has been answered before, but are nickers and bogles hunted as sport sometimes? And are they edible?
Why yes, yes they are, especially by the wealthy sporting sets (and the wild kings of Parthis and eastern Derelands, the brave white-skinned souls of Heilgoland amongst others), and as to their edibility, that would depend entirely on the taste buds and squeamishness of each person, but in a general sense, yes, they are edible. That being said, to the goodly, civilised folk of the Half-Continent such an idea is abhorrent. Great question.

...and sorry that I have once again taken so long to post - too much bookface and getting lost in the writing...

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Extra-curricular bogle action

These are by a fellow MBT-er, Ryan Kjolberg, or Kjolbergart as he is known here.

He is currently "studying to become a concept artist and wants to ultimately become a movie director" and has taken some time out to do us the honour of working up some bogles of his own.

As I said to him in reply, they are "absolutely spot on, the combination of fur and fleshy, snaggle-tooth jaws, the intensity of the eyes; it reminds me of just how damn scary a place the Half-Continent could be to live in and how people's fear and prejudice against monsters is in some way well-founded and fair." Thank you so much for these Ryan.

I hope you all like 'em too...
(These images are of course (c) copyright Ryan Kjolberg, and are used by his pernission)

Anyone else got things to share?

Also, please consider 'signing' the online petition saying No Parallel Importation of Books into Australia, if you have not already - for those who want to know more about this issue here is a starting point.