Thursday, November 19, 2009

Good News & Bad News

Well, in the midst of completing the 3rd draft, I shall, with great trepidation, start with the bad - as is customary. There is no way to say it but straight: the release of Monster-Blood Tattoo Book 3 will be delayed until September of next year (2010).


Sorry, sorry, sorry. The fault is mine for the time I have taken to write it. Apologies to everyone for causing any consternation at such a revelation. A silver lining to such a cloud is that it gives it all time to be just that bit better (the flip side of this being, it better be pretty darn good now then, huh?); also it will give you more time, Ms Ventress, to get a Sebastipole costume ready *hopeful face*.

Okey dokey, on to the better stuff...

June next year (2010) is when my very first short story - The Corsers' Hinge (see your nearest explicarium for what a 'corser' is) - will be released here in Oz as part of an anthology called,

Australia's Legends of Fantasy

It will be published by Harper Collins, Australia. For you folks in other lands, I shall let you know closer to the date how you might (if you wish it) get your own far-away hands on a copy.

I am very chuffed to be included as a "legend" (who would not!) and some of the other genuine legends involved will be Sean Williams*, Kim Wilkins*, Garth Nix, Trudi Canavan, Ian Irvine*, John Birmingham, Cecelia Dart-Thornton, Juliet Mariller, Jennifer Fallon, and on and on... Quite a list, huh? When a cover image becomes available I shall post it so you know what to look out for.

*I have illustrated one or more of their texts.