Tuesday, April 03, 2007

And done! (for now...)


It has been one crazy, no-other-life-but-writing kinda time, but Draft 2 of Book 2 is done and in the hard-working hands of those mysterious folk who make it better. At this point I managed to excise 4 chapters and roughly 25,000 words (give or take) - very satisfying result. I don't mind this one bit. I have a tendency to over-write and all this fat-cutting does is make the text more readable, better-flowing, better connected.

For breakfast I had Echinacea for a chest infection that has just taken residence in my lungs.

Answers to questions coming very soon, honest – just catching my breath.
(If I may say, I am heartily glad Mr Bomber is still positing his curly queries...)

Will be back shortly.