Sunday, February 28, 2010


Well, a simple post just to show(off?) my ever-growing stack of notebooks - essentially the Half-Continent right there, growing more and more with every volume. The tags are me marking entries for use in the MBTs: yellow = Book 1, Foundling, pink = Book 2, Lamplighter, green = Book 3, Factotum (see, its nigh March already! September is not that far off at all...)

#1 was started about 1992, then one a year until 2000, then from 2000 - 2010 I have gone from 8 notebooks to 34 (that's 2.6 a year, and they have gotten thicker too! - ok, now I AM showing away...) Much of that time I was thinking I was a drawer and here I was filling books with tiny srawlings of madness, not in drawings but in WRITING!

Go figure.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The deep questions of liff...

I take this brief moment to direct you to a post by ellaquin regarding the name change for the US editions of what will soon be (in the US and Canadia, at least) formerly known as "Monster-Blood Tattoo" (though it shall remain so for us here in the rest of the world).

Honestly, it is how I feel, but I am choosing to trust my editor and my publisher that they fathom their market better. I hope the name change does what they hope it will do. The next big question is, what do I name this blog then?

Also, I actually went to the Forum the other day and answered some questions - yes, actually answered some questions. May such wonders never cease!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Interview for Snapshot

The lovely RandomAlex has done a quick interview with me for the Snapshot project this year, part of the lead up to

68th World Science Fiction Convention
September 2nd - 6th 2010 - Melbourne, Australia

... being the 4th WorldCon to be held in Australia. I hope to go and thus for me it will be my first world con ever in Australia or out of it.

And now for answers!

Emma Nicole Reinmuth posits: "Just a theory... Are monsters aware of which humans possess Monster Blood Tattoos without seeing with their own eyes, and does that influence heavily whom they see as a threat? Rossamünd [we can heavily assume] is of monster blood and any action by monsters against him are taken with consideration. Perhaps it's the sense of their blood kin festering under human flesh that really grinds their gears?"

Dear E.N.R., I had not thought of it quite like that, but great late night fancy talk. I reckon it more the sight of cruorpunxis that would warn a monster off an everyman possessing them. I think that once the cruor has done its "thing" in the flesh of a person it has become a part of that person rather than leaving traces. As for eekers and monsters, I reckon there is certainly a "vibe" the monsters pick up, but more so, it is through the observation of the eeker's behaviour that would tell a monster of their sympathetic character. I reckon what ticks monsters off most is the ancient and ongoing treachery (as they see it) of everymen.

Jackie is wondering: "Why did (Threnody) act so possessive of Rossamünd? Did she want Rossamünd as her factotum, or did she just like him? Or was she reacting because she was jealous of the Bradon Rose?"

I reckon it is a combination of them all; vanity at the start that does turn into a crush as the book goes on and true affection by the end. When Europe enters the scenario, it is definitely ego that is driving her, jealousy for what Threnody considers is hers probably more than specific regard or feeling for Rossamünd at the time (well, nothing she would have acknowledged at the time anyway). That Rossamünd does not nag at her or chide her but persists with her is novel for Threnody, and she is drawn to such treatment. That said, she is still a bossy pain in the behind, so along with the wounded heart comes the painful character. Am I making sense?

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Well, the final chapter is re-re-re-rewritten and I am now working on the US edit notes for the third draft. Thought I'd take a break to answer a couple of questions from last post.

First off the rank, Alyosha asked: When Rossamund is setting out on his adventures, and receives the gift of a fine valise in which to carry his few belongings, he has a strong feeling that whoever made the valise intended good things for it’s owner. What’s more, when he’s packed it and lifts it, he finds it much lighter than he expected considering all that’s inside. On one hand, both of these things could be put down to the excitement of a young man at the start of an adventure. On the other hand, for someone who, at a later point in the story, can feel the pull of the moon even when it’s hidden behind clouds, maybe feelings of that sort have some real weight to them. Is Rossamund’s valise more than it seems?

Indeed it is, sir, well spotted! Indeed, you are the first person to do so (well to tell me at least) so my respect! Unfortunately there seemed little scope in the story that came out of me to explore it further, so I left it just as these obscure references. What is actually is I am not sure whether to talk about here or wait to explore in some other story...? Preferences, anyone?

Well, Asia, after some consultation with me they are changing the name to The Foundling Trilogy (I was most enamoured with Rossamund Bookchild, but it was felt that anything with the word 'child' in it might put off older readers; I disagree and think this is overthinking the matter, but only have so much say with an entire ocean between my US publishers and I), with the three individual volumes remaining Foundling, Lamplighter, Factotum.

As to factotums (properly, factotii, Tornac, they are indeed just servant/secretaries who usually can fight a bit too. Threnody's awe is not at Rossamund becoming a factotum, it is that he is becoming a factotum of the Branden Rose!, that she believes Rossamund beneath such an honour. All factotii have distinction not so much because of what they are or do, but rather who they do it for. Great question.

Finally, Carlita has just got wind of the film deal which I can confirm as true. As of right now there is a director assigned (cannot as yet divulge names, sorry) and a writer, and some significant interest from effects companies. So no still no guarantee that it will be happening, but goodly steps closer to an eventuality.