Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Australia/NZ Factotum cover is here!

Here it is, for all you Oz/NZ readers. As you can see, the original vision has not died, just been altered in one part on the world, yet continues elsewhere unchanged. Live on MBT!

Well, time to 'fess up too, and let you know that the release of Book 3 will be delayed a little longer *WINCE*

Australia/NZ - October 2010

USA/Canada - November 2010

Other places in this big beautiful world - TBA

This has been to allow the editors sufficient time to do their most necessary work and therefore worthy the delay (heck, if blame is needed then it is I who took soooooo long to pen the damn tale).

Thank you for all you excellent comments previous post - I will try to get to them, but may not be able to right away. Hang in there folks, we will get there ... eventually.