Thursday, May 26, 2011

A short tale of the Half-Continent well worthy of your time (IMO)

Hello folks, I have just returned from England's sunny shores and am so jet-lagged my body keeps asking me in a feed back loop, "Should I sleep now? Should I eat now? Should I go out and run about now?..." Taken up in the name of research for the next Half-Continent story (now in its 4th chapter) the trip to the UK has filled my head and soul with so much historical and contextual excellence I scribbled half a notebook's worth of notes and am fit to burst with an expanded sense of the Half-Continent (... once I can tell which end is my head and which is my hind).

I am however compos mentis enough to have found a most excellent short story over at the MBT Forum, penned by a soul who goes by the apt name of Master Come Lately. It is an ingenious passage of prose describing a scene you will recognise (as I did with a steady and wonderful dawning sensation) from MBT/TFT yet seeing it through a novel perspective.
I do not want to spoil it by saying any more than this.


What is brillianterer still is that the tale has helped me see that much better from this novel perspective!

Well done, Mr Lately - I think I owe you...

Thursday, May 05, 2011

To geek or not to geek...?

Hello all.

A little while back I heard a fellow of prominently public position speak of a film and its director, saying something along the lines that the director was a self-proclaimed "geek", which the fellow took to mean "prone to making immature decisions."

What do you all reckon?

Is there some truth to this?