Tuesday, April 03, 2007

And done! (for now...)


It has been one crazy, no-other-life-but-writing kinda time, but Draft 2 of Book 2 is done and in the hard-working hands of those mysterious folk who make it better. At this point I managed to excise 4 chapters and roughly 25,000 words (give or take) - very satisfying result. I don't mind this one bit. I have a tendency to over-write and all this fat-cutting does is make the text more readable, better-flowing, better connected.

For breakfast I had Echinacea for a chest infection that has just taken residence in my lungs.

Answers to questions coming very soon, honest – just catching my breath.
(If I may say, I am heartily glad Mr Bomber is still positing his curly queries...)

Will be back shortly.


Femina said...

If you want to cough it up, try Brondecon expectorant. The most vile tasting stuff ever invented (putting it the fridge helps a little), but it works. Ask for it at the chemist; it's non-presciption but not on the shelf. (...insert disclaimer here about me not being a doctor and not giving medical advice...)

And in other news - WELL DONE, YOU! How great to have the draft done (presumably to your satisfaction, more so than when it was much longer) and to be able to take a little break before it comes back again.


madbomber said...

gday mate,

bad luck on picking up the cold, it seems to be going around Adelaide at the minute. People are dropping like flies at Uni. Well its either a flu or a stomach virus, thankfully you didn't get the latter, my whole family went down last week with that!

I'm looking forward to your next update, hopefully the wait isn't too long. Uni's on break now so I need something to read.

Cheers Bomber

Anonymous said...

ok i know this my be harder that it sounds because its some time hard to find something to wright about but could you try to make your posts more often as i never know when to have a look

im verry interisted in the milatery (i think thats right im not the best of spellers)
so could you please go into more detail about ranks and different rolls of service in HC wepenoary ect

Anonymous said...

i have a question that will be either easy or hard.
if fulgars went to war (close quater fighting) would they still use the same weaponry, their hands or something yet uninvented to fight with? keep in mind the dificultys of hands against baonets and gunpowder.

ps. yay your finished Well Done :)

Mr Missfitt

Nate said...

I don't know how longer I can wait!
but rereading the first book and checking this blog is helping a bit.
could you do me a big favor and post a drawing of a monster, any monster? I love your monsters.
good luck with the rest of the writing. MBT is currently my favorite book.

Anonymous said...

I'm an American and a huge fan of Monster Blood Tattoo. I've been waiting since I read the first book to come out. Everywhere I've looked it says that the second one is coming out in May, but it's June now, and I can't find it anywhere. Is there a different release date for the U.S.?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Cornish,

It has been two months since your last post and I am becoming frightfully aware of the lack of information on your upcoming release.

Would it possible for you to provide, in a small way a tid-bit, as it were, on where you are up to in your current pursuits? At your convenience of course, but we are absolutely dying to know.

Warm Regards,

Mr Shayne de Comyn Esquire

Anonymous said...