Monday, August 27, 2007

Very Happy Indeed

I just wanted to happily and gratefully acknowledge the CBCA Junior Judges for also nominating MBT as an Honour Book. A double honour in the CBCA is so brilliantly encouraging (I know I use these words a lot but it just so true, what else can I say?). Thank you Junior Judges, I hope your Participation Certificates look snazzy on the wall.

This might be a good place to note that I am a tad disappointed with the meagre, near non-existent coverage the CBCA Awards receives here in the general OZ media (with a few excellent exceptions). It is almost as if outside of the community that is Childrens Publishing, we do not really exist - unless of course there is talk of DEAL$ Yet that is hardly a useful topic of discussion when what we are on about is children reading and adults acknowledging this as being important, indeed necessary. I do not recall caring much about DEAL$ when I was looking for books to read - indeed I still do not - I just wanted to know what was worth reading and what was not. Good thing for the electronical interweb, loads on kids lit and YA just there for the finding.

Back to more positive things I am offering belated congratulations to Omnibus (ahh dear precious Omnibus) & Scholastic Australia for their win in the 2007 Australian Book Industry Awards in the Australian Export Success Award 2007 catagory with my own wee tome (and the further books in the series - they have made a huge assumption there that there will be more books in the series - just jokes!!!) You can grab a .pdf of all the winners from the ABIA 2007 here, but only if you really want to of course.

BTW I would also like to say Happy Birthday Blogger - apparently it is its 8th birthday today! (... and now you know)


Anonymous said...

nothing to say so i wont say a thing more

D.M. Cornish said...

I don't blame you - it is a bit weird having a new post up so soon. I hope it is not too frightening ;)It is because my publisher in the US, Mr Timothy Travaglini, has requested an even greater frequency than the first Monday of each month. Indeed, he wants it twice a week, would you belive, like a real proper blog. Ack! I have told him I shall do my best.

madbomber said...

Gday mate,

Gotta love the Americans...twice a week blog, so keep telling everyone about breakfast, AND maybe lunch now too.

Or you could incorporate a weekly sports results thing. Bombardiers beaten convincingly this week.


Good luck with the deadlines.

Alternative - fight the power!

cheers Bomber

Nate said...

you could turn it into one of those weekly sketch blogs!

Anonymous said...

you could turn your blog into "these are my Recent ideas about the H.C and hers something else i thought you ought to know..." like the stuff you wrote in ur notebooks before MBT existed....
its an idea :)

Mr Missfitt

D.M. Cornish said...

A great idea Mr Missfitt, such a thing might begin to happen over the next few posts. Brilliant.