Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Where are my words...?!

Dear All,

My words are gone and I don't know where to find them... As an example, I needed my thesaurus for this post, but could not immediately find it. That has never happened before - I always know where my thesaurus is at. Exhibit b/- I have hardly touched my notebook: last year I filled two, yet as this year as it ticks on to it's end, I have barely made it a 5th of the way into one.

What is going on...?

And here was me thinking I had "made it", that I would be immune to such "humanness". Ack!

How does a writer get his words back?

Tell what does make me happy though, knowing that Factotum is already beginning to make its way to you all. Now we get to find out if I can really pull off an entire story or not, which was, during the process of the last 6 years, of real concern to me...

Still is :/

Is it just me or do seconds take forever to pass; weeks can flash by, but seconds seem to plod along with nigh tauntingly ponderous - even reluctant - leadenness.


Master Come Lately said...

"seconds take forever to pass; weeks can flash by"
-D.M. Cornish

I think that is another to-be-famous quote by you, Master Cornish!

Anyway, there is a very handy thesaurus (to me) online at dictionary.com.

As for the lack of inspiration to fill your world with: when I want inspiration for a short story or a similar matter, I look to the ultimate information servant, Google. Need a new monster? Maybe typing in "deep sea creatures" or "microscopic creatures" or "mythical creatures" or a number of other inspirational sources might help.

New locations or characters? You could type in an era (likely 1800s?) and read a bit about the different countries and their notable inhabitants (perhaps Germany for inspiration on the Gotts or the Hagenlands?)

Another source of information, if you'd be willing, might be your fans, who I'm sure have had their imaginations sparked by your work, especially now that many of us have just read the third MBT (me excluded, as I live in the U.S.) and the H.C. is fresh in their minds, some plump ideas may be fresh for the picking.

I hope this helped in some way!
If not, then please excuse my dear aunt sally!

Taz said...

Oooh! Factotum is out? That's awesome news. I just read your first two books and loved them - thanks! I'll definitely be on the hunt for this one =).

As for inspiration I'm not sure how much help I can be - history has been a bit of an inspiration for some of my spec-fic ideas (don't worry I mangle them beyond all recognition).

Trudi Canivan's non-fiction recommended reading list is a good start:

I think the 'short history of technology' might be of use to you - or perhaps even a chemistry textbook or book on alchemy? Then hopefully your brain will do that thing where it goes off on a interesting tangent (at least that's how it works for me).

I love the Elizabethan / Victorian mashup of science and technology you used as a platform for your world building. Way to take fantasy out of the middle ages ;-). I look forward to seeing some more.

tanita✿davis said...

You sound like I sound near the end of winter - a bit desperate for the time to pass, a bit bewildered as to why I can't scrape up any enthusiasm for the written word.

When in need of inspiration, I change genres and write a brief synopsis of a plot so completely not me and so improbable that it sparks my interest in a "now, could I do that?" kind of fashion. Sometimes I actually write a few chapters and end up trying something new.

Speaking of the end of winter: writers have seasons, too - we change how we do things from time to time. Just because the notebooks were Your Thing for six years doesn't mean they'll be how you gather ideas to percolate forever, so don't panic that you're not writing in them. Even now, your unconscious mind is collating the data packed into your brilliant head in a completely new way.

You'll find your feet in a bit. Meanwhile, enjoy the spring, anticipate summer, and leave yourself time to dream.


Damacus said...

Mister Cornish,

This is no good it all. It seems that this writer's block is really getting to you, and from the sound of your post script, it may have morphed into somewhat of a malaise.

Don't forget that you've just written three incredibly successful, intricate, beautiful and profound novels that have (and will have, I'm certain, in the case of Factotum) entertained and inspired people the world over. If you're feeling frustrated or stressed it's okay to take a break for a while, let things stew, you've definitely earned it and your mojo will be back ever the richer.

And don't for a single leaden second doubt your skills as a writer. You're a genius, an artist, a wordsmith, and I, along with many others, sincerely look up to you.



tradgardmastare said...

I have started a blog to try and accomplish a wargaming project based up the books,do pop by:

BrandenRose said...

The suggestions here are truly excellent, but I would suggest before and during trying any of their solutions, pray. God's where all your amazing words came from in the first place, and He controls your talent, so what better source to go to?
But as for inspiration, take some time to read and watch some media by your favorite authors, take a long walk in a beautiful place, place a character you already have in some insane situation just to get the juices going (as a fun write), or maybe even do some roleplay and act it out :D
But in any case, you've earned some time to just chill out :)

Anonymous said...

While I wait patiently at my letter box for the book to arrive I have been listening to the glorious rendition of the sumptuous words of Mr Cornish as related by the smooth voiced Humphrey Bower. Ah how delightful it is to be thrilled with the narrative. No wonder Mr Cornish can't find his words, he has flung them out to the four winds for all to enjoy. He will just have to be patient for the return of same. Thank you Mr Cornish for creating such a marvellous world and fabulous folks to inhabit it.

Tea said...

I know I got a nice surprise when I found Factotum in the back of a tiny bookshop in Castlemaine. Even then, someone was already lifting it from the shelf.

Keep thinking and best of luck with future projects, you never truly lose your words :)

monday said...

BrandenRose: hear, hear.

word-demanifestation happens. it sucks. But! It does go away. Really. I promise. :)

Anonymous said...

I design for a living. What I do sounds strange, but I obsess over the subject all day, all week. I breath the topic without rest. Then I naturally toss and turn in bed thinking, worrying, it sucks... but then, I wake up around 3 AM... then bam, original thoughts flood my mind. Stress may shorten my life, but it feels good to be alive.


-Also, I'm not real happy with your book not showing up in US books stores today. Also, Barnes and Nobles told me that they don't even plan to carry it, with excepting to the downtown Chicago store. What's up with your publisher not marketing you book (am I being unfair to your publisher). Those books are too good to not be everywhere today.

Anonymous said...

Third book read. I'm happy now.