Friday, March 23, 2007

Deep Gratitude

To my friends who have left their encouragements I say a most grateful thank you. With the text for Book 2 now two chapters and 20,000 words less (and much better for it) and the deadline fast approaching, your words - and your concomitant patience - have been most excellent and welcome.

I shall have answers to questions in the next couple of weeks.

… and for breakfast this morning I had some wheaty-fruity cluster thingies.


Andre said...

woah! IIIIIII want wheaty-fruity cluster things. mega jealous.

Is it hard to get rid of that much material? especially in something thats so dear to you? cos i always truggle to get rid of 100 words or so, 20,000 would kill me.

Keep it real mate,


Kaollaku said...

I have always wondered if it is harder to write the book or edit it when the writing is done? I myself hate editing my work so when it comes to that I usualy do very little >.<

Anonymous said...

What Eactly are these... "wheaty Fruity cluster thingies" ???????


Anonymous said...

Nice work keep it up !!!!!