Friday, September 26, 2008

A New Button to Push!

Folks might notice my rather enthusiastic response to Jack so excellently putting up an Unofficial Forum in the form a snazzy link image to that very same place! Thank you very much, sir!/... I guess that answers the poll question then...

Plus: Carlita's expectoratingly insightful question: "If anything, happens if a leer catches a cold and still uses his sthenicon. And what would happen if a wit or a fulgar caught a cold? Would they just be miserable, or would their transplanted organs cause them trouble?"

Any of the H-c's more knowledgeable physicians would heartily recommend to any leer with a strong head cold to leave off using the sthenicon or olfactologue until the malady had passed. To ignore this advice can be both very messy (can you imagine a snotty sneeze inside a box), painful and will very likely extend the duration if not increase the severity of a cold. I guess that means, too, that hay fever suffers with dreams of leering best find themselves a new dream.

As to lahzars with colds, they suffer no more or less than everymen, though an exceptional fever might increase the risk of their mimeotes (inserted organs) vaoriating (spasming) - so again, a transmogrifier would suggest bed rest and avoidance of the use of one's potencies until better.


RottenPocket said...

Would this affect a Lahzar's/Falseman's ability to travel in particularly harsh conditions? I can imagine that any irregular Fever might require more of the person than the recommendations of a Cold do. Like a Leer with some weeping Jungle Fever or something... Hmm. Leers/Lagaards wash their eyes with chemicals to gain the Falsemen Ability, but maybe they have some kind of eyedrops? :D

I drew up a Fan Character for MBT, a Lady Leer. But then I realised that the idea is loose for the same reasons as Threnody is a Lamplighter -Women aren't employed (as lamplighters, before anyone jumps at that). I'd rather keep Threnody as the Unique Notorious Lady-Fighter she is.

D.M. Cornish said...

Although lady leers might find employment for themelves elsewhere...

RottenPocket said...

True, but I had already decked out 'Hildegart' with the Imperial Uniform :(

D.M. Cornish said...

Winstermill is not the only place that the Empire employs folks, indeed the Manse is really rather low on the Imperial Priority List, seldom taken notice of in fact.

Therefore, I say there are plenty of other places - even othe lamplighter manses on other more important roads - for a forward young lady to stir up striff and forge a path into a man's world.

pearl said...

Speaking of drawings, I have doodled up many, many fan characters from when I have first started MBT. Those were shameful, them. *shakes head*

To the sneezing Leer thing, if thats the case I'm afraid my crazy leer persona will suffer with the lack of a sthenicon because she suffers severe hay fever. Just like me. :D

PS. Sorry for the lack of activity. School's been eating me inside out. >_> But now that the terms' over, I'm free! Hurray!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, Mr. Cornish, for answering my query. But now I wonder what about the need for glasses? Can leers have bad eyesight, since the sthenicon changes one's visual abilities, or would the stheticon not help with vision corrections when the leer was using it?

RottenPocket said...

That is a really good question. They wouldn't use the Sthenicon all the time, so I suppose reading Glasses wouldn't hurt... What say you Mr. Cornish?

Hmm, I shall post Hildegart on DeviantArt (heh, it rhymes), and I just might give her Glasses....

Pearlius- Have you posted your Lamp Design yet?

portals said...

Speaking of drawing, I drew a pretty bad mercenary from Brandenbrass' mercenary regiments.
How would they look Mr. Cornish, because mine looks like a flamboyant man with an exceptioinally short pole-axe?

Anonymous said...

gday mate,

I just wanted to let you know I've finally finished my last teaching prac. Only a couple of assignments to complete, a speach to present and I'm DONE! It feels good to be so close to finishing. I could get used to the feeling...


Anonymous said...

i wonder: has the tissue been invented on the H-c yet? [i can't remember but i think it was mr kimberley-clark who started that here]. cuz as you know carrying around a pocket hankie full of yr snot + germs + saliva etc is very nearly as unhealthy as wearing a sneezed-upon box on yr face

tho ocourse washing a handkerchief would be easy-cheesy compared to scrubbing out the inside of a sthenicon

Anonymous said...

pearlius, I´m envyous. The University term doesn´t end until November here. Sigh. I´m educating to be an librarian, of all jobs. Next week we have a "practice"-week. We´re going to work "in the real world".

I know what I´m going to do until May 2010. trying to get hold of John Flanagans books and perhaps find some other interesting author´s/ books to read. It´s a big world out there so there must be book I haven´t discovered yet. (I´m a book-oholic!)

portals said...

If you read John Flanagan's books brace yourself for a very basic style of writing. They can be wuite fun though.

pearl said...

Ms Reinmuth; Not yet, I'm afraid to say. I looked at it again and cringed. So I'm re-doing it until I am satisfied!

Anna; I love High School only for the holidays. :D

Anonymous said...

I´ve only read book 2-4 (couln´t find book 1) in swedish. And you are right, Portals, it´s a very basic style, and some times it feels a bit stale(?) language. But this books I´ve read was readable (don´t know how the rest is). I´ve noticed that sometimes the stories get lamer the more books that comes out in a series, like Rowling´s books (nr 7 was a horrible patchwork!). (it´s early in the morning here so my brain doesn´t work yet, if I am doing some misspellings and wrong words).

It´s difficult to find books that you get interested in, to read. Although the closest town has several bookstores and a 2nd hand-bookstore. They mainly focus on well-known authors and mainstream books.
To confess, I found Mr Cornish book in an super-market (they have bookcorners here if they are a larger store).
Books here are a bit expensive for my taste. It´s not unusual to pay 200-300 SKR and over that, for a book. One english book I have to have when I study they wanted 800 SKR for! Maniacs.

Pearlius, at least you have more holiday´s than me. Here it´s only Christmas and New Year, and over the summer that we have holidays (this goes for University and higher education). "youngsters" (well, I mean those that are younger than me, which I suspect many of you are) have a bit more free days/weeks.

oops, have to go to work (i´m working on the side)

portals said...

You are sooo unbelievably right about Mr. Flanagans work.
The stories do seem to get more vague, tenuous and unrelated to any of the other plots.
I could not even finish reading the seventh book, which takes place between the 4th and 5th books(Its on my 'to be read' book pile though). I think Mr. Flanagan may have been trying to change his style of writing so that he includes more of characters emotions and thoughts, rather than just recounting events.
He failed, and just made the book unbearably boring.
Another thing, no one EVER dies!
nothing bad ever really happens!
You may have been able to see this from the books you read, but after a while it just gets irritating.