Monday, December 08, 2008

Aurealis Awards 2008 Shortlist.

Hello, hello, long time no post...

Here is some happy news to put up - I just learnt today that Monster-blood Tattoo 2, Lamplighter has been shortlisted in the 2008 Aurealis Awards in the Best Young Adult Long Fiction category AND to add to that the fantasy series, The Sorcerer’s Tower (being
Thorn Castle, Giant’s Lair, Black Crypt & Wizardry Crag) written by the eminent Ian Irvine and illustrated by yours truly, has also been shortlisted in the Best Children’s (8-12 years) Illustrated Work/Picture Book category.

Thank you very much the goodly folks and Aurealis! ... and to all of you too!


Peter said...


I'm the first to comment.
I'm going to the library today to borrow your first MBT book, I hope I like it. Everyone else says it's great.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I finished Lamplighter! Loved it! Thanks so much for writing such a great book!

And now I can keep up with your blog without fear of knowing what will happen next!

lol, the word verfication is uninglum... sounds rather monster-ish. Perhaps this is where you get some of those fantastic names!

Snooze said...

Lets hope the books can go a bit further and win the awards! Unless it's already been done?
anyway... Good Luck! You deserve an award for your efforts... :D

Exsato: An exotic dessert made from tropical fruit sorbet served over tropical flavoured icecream... yumm (I'm probably only thinking of yummy deserts because I just had a banan split for my birthday today... *drool*)

portals said...

Happy Birthday Susan
Pizza- When reading foundling, don't sleep. I stayed up under the covers with a torch at night. I did the same with Lamplighter.

If he spawned from mud where a human died, then the DNA would have been copied, so he would really be the same person, but I dont see how he could have a belly button. It's like a clone having a scar.
Mr. Cornish, does Rossamund have a belly-button? Congradulations about the award. I hope you win.

Legradal- something cool

pearl said...

Congratulations, Mr. Cornish! :D All the best for first place~

Why are we discussing Rossamund's belly button? And speaking of scars, does Europe have any heroic, awesome scar that she can show off?

Vioni: A miniature flower that smells of cedar wood. (Lolwhut)

noelle said...

Yes Mr. Cornish, please tell us, or it will drive me crazy for the rest of my life!

(Spoilers) Personally I don't think it's the same thing as a clone. I think the mud absorbed more than the unfortunate person's DNA. Maybe the mud has some kind of monstery umbilical cord?

litiselo: a vendor of mushrooms, usually ones with strange properties and unfortunate side effects.

Anonymous said...

congratulations, Mr Cornish! :D

i don't know that Rossamund would have to have a bellybutton in any case; most mammals don't, since no one is there to tie off the umbilical cord after they're born...which might bring up some distracting questions about the doctors/surgeons on the H-c

happy b-day, susan :)

venesse:a variety of dark, color-shifting silk

noelle said...

But the umbilical cord still leaves some kind of mark, doesn't it? Especially on a human? I don't know about other animals, but it seems to me that it would be pretty much impossible to remove the umbilical cord from a human without leaving a scar. I'm not very well-read on my Human Anatomy, so correct me if I'm wrong.

Heavo: a sailor's shanty (particularly piratical).

portals said...

If there was a monstery umbilical cord, then it couldn't have been cut or tied. Maybe Monday is right and surgeons in the H/c do it differently. But I do still think it is more of a natural cloning or maybe asexual reproduction, than anything else.

Feadispi- A cheap, unreliable rope, used to tie fishing ships to a wharf. It is the cause of many lost fishing ships.

Anonymous said...


A, D and E said...

Congrats! Very deserving.

About unbilical cords... (and I have two children, hence silly amounts of knowledge) they don't actually need to be cut or tied to form a belly button. The cord would fall off naturally at that place without intervention. Although it does mean carrying the placenta around for up to two weeks (which could be smelly). Some people still practice this though, its called a Lotus Birth. Even in normaly births, it is clamped way above where it eventually falls off from. I expect in nature the mother (or mud creator mother thing) would have bitten it off.

Great question though...

Zakk said...

Congratulations! I knew MBT was meant for great things! (great-er, i mean) Anyway, is there any chance that MBT3 could be released on mAy 30, I mean, the best book should be released on the best day (my birthday) oh, and by the way, Potato Octopus 23 says hi and puts in this word:

Twigglero: a small mouse, usually grey in colour that are known to hollow out trees for colonies of them.

Congrats again!

Anonymous said...

Congradulations and best wishes, Mr. Cornish.

Why not release Factotum before your birthday, thus allowing you to recieve it as a present. Once you have acquired said book, you comandeer the cake, and leave all your guests flabbergasted while you run off to read the book.

On the note of Rossamund, I wonder how much of the original individual's matter was recycled and how much was added. Could such beings have other abilities such as quick recovery from injury or resistance to certain types of damage?

sedness: the quality of feeling seditious.

portals said...

I Dont think there was an umbilical cord. there would be no reason for there to be one. There was no mother, only threwdish mud.

Mr. Cornish-
If there are theroids, and threwd, then why are there teratologists, and not theratologists? Sorry, I know there is probably a reason, but I don't want to get confused by it.

Operh- opera with an h

RottenPocket said...

...I'm just gonna throw this out there and say Innies kick Outties big time.

Colinuo: A colony of two people :O

Snooze said...

i read up on navels, and it says all placental mammals have navels, but they are usually a tiny hairless scar or dint from where the umbilical cord falls off and the skin heals together. Usually around the lower abdomen.

People only have defined navels because doctors tie the umbilical cord into a knot which heals into a neat hole.(Well im only guessing this... but it sounds right. lol) Otherwise, if it were left open like normal animals there is a chance for infection, and that would kill a baby so to escape the risk they tie it into a knot... otherwise we would all have hardcore scars on our stomachs instead of strange lumpy holes XD

Seites: A monster that is seen almost as a Queen. They are usually very powerful, and often govern small groups of weaker monsters.

Snooze said...

I also looked up the Sorcerer's tower book covers...
They were very pertyful, and well worth the receiving of an award!

fulantli: a type of mood. Often accompanied by skipping and joyous laughing, when one is full of themselves and very happy about it. (ie. "Jane seems very fulantli today.") lol

portals said...

Time for a poll-like thing!
Who thinks Rossamund has a belly- button?

strall- A big bird that has very sharp teeth. ;\

noelle said...

I'm guessing that he does have a naval. To have absolutely no naval of any kind is a surefire indicator that something's amiss...

Is it possible that the mud forms sort of a womb? Rossamund is growing like a somewhat normal child, so I'm assuming he started out as an embryo.

Ingat: a very very very very hard cake of dehydrated meat that smells delicious but is almost impossible to eat, thus tormenting hungry people.

Anonymous said...

i guess a mark of some sort--tho probably not what we consider normal

unleti:a blunt hook on a long pole, used in rudely pulling people out of the way of other more important people.

Anonymous said...

I second Zakk (again) as May 30 as the release date, since that's my birthday too. And it seem so much cooler to say, "Yes, MBT 3 comes out on my birthday!" Then it gives me (and Zakk) excuses to go to a bookstore for the day. ^^

Anyway, about the bell button issue, I don't know where it was or wasn't mentioned that Rossumund has(n't) a belly button, but Swill does refer to the threwd as womb-earth and says "the very ground was made womblike." Don't know if that helps, but that's my two cents.

portals said...

If the Ground forms a womb, then asw A, D, and E said earlier, the 'cord' would fall off and not leave a belly button anyway. So iether way, he would not really be able to have a belly-button.

My word verification is ... croch: a faulty cannon.

Sam Hranac said...

What a stud! congrats.

noelle said...


Portals, that's not true. From Susan's research, all mammals have some sort of naval scar, although they aren't always apparent. Humans, though, would always have a visible navel, even if the cord was not tied or cut off (like the "lotus birth" A,D, and E mentioned - pretty sure those babies still have navels). Even if the cord were to fall of naturally, it would still leave a scar.

I think it's safe to say that if the earth were "womblike," then there would be some form of umbilical cord, and thus a navel.

Razoid: a monster with sharp claws, sharp teeth, and a row of very long, deadly spikes all the way down its spine.

A, D and E said...

Noelle, yes all babies have navels, including lotus births.

There is no knot tied, just a plastic clamp put on further up (not the eventual end point), and then the bit of cord dries up and drops off - this is normal practice today.

But.. for Rossamund, the person that fell into the mud surely had a navel, and that one may have remained? He wasn't formed from nothing, he was REformed, yes? having the life put back into him by the threwd? hmm..

Will he ever grow much more though? I thought he was remarkably smaller than his peers.. and perhaps will stay that size despite his strength?

D.M. Cornish said...

Thank you all for your lovely congrats!

R.J. Anderson said...

Ooh, just spotted this! What a coup! I hope you win!!!

Anonymous said...

I always thought the threwdish muds simply added new life to the existing bodies, making them a sentient zombie, if you will.