Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Thing!

Merry Jesus-birthday!

Bless you one and all, may this be an excellent day for you - and congratulations on reaching over 80 comments!
(I knew you could do it... I certainly gave you a read hot go by taking so long to post)

And welcome back Anna from your African adventure - hope all went well.

Bumper issue post coming soon.


noelle said...

Then pealed the bells more loud and deep:
"God is not dead, nor doth he sleep;
The wrong shall fail, the right prevail,
With peace on earth, good will to men."

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and God bless, Master Cornish. Hope you have a good day.

Gloria in Excelsis Deo

portals said...

Merry Christmas everyone!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mr Cornish. And a merry Christmas to you too.
All went very well and it was an interesting trip. It was from one extreme to another. And the Kreuger Park was soo cool. The coolest thing I saw was an hyena. No lion though.

I waved to Australia, hope you saw me (lol). I was standing on the beach in Maputo so I took the chance.

R.J. Anderson said...

I wonder if your ears have been burning, seeing as my 18-year-old niece and I were discussing your books just last night at our family Christmas Eve gathering. She was trying to remember the title of your series so she could a) get her own copies and b) recommend them to others, and I told her that if she liked FOUNDLING she just HAD to read LAMPLIGHTER...

Anyway, best wishes and prayers for a blessed, peaceful Christmas to you and yours!

noelle said...

awww I didn't get any random fantasy books with shiny holographic covers this year...I was beginning to think of it as a tradition! But I did get a Barnes & Noble gift card, so it all works out.

Apholog: a book with a shiny holographic cover?

Anonymous said...

Este ques nacido
Es el gran monarcha,
Christo patriarca
De carne vestido;
Hanos redimido
Con se hazer chiquito
Aunqu'era infinito
Finito se hiziera.

[Riu, riu, chiu, La guarda ribera: Dios guardo el lobo De nuestra cordera.]

Muchas profecias
Lo han profetizado;
Y aun en nuestras dias
Lo hemos alcancado.
A Dios humanado
Vemos en el suelo
Y al hombre nel cielo
Porqu'el le quisiera.

[because noelle already quoted my favorite]

merry christmas!

was anyone else gifted with a book about public executions? no? *feels special*

mersc: a river-dwelling mussel that fastens itself to the ends of oars

R.J. Anderson said...

Love "Riu, Riu Chiu", but of all the renaissance carols I think this one is my favorite:

Esprits divins, chantons de la nuit sainte !
C’est cette nuit que la pucelle enceinte
Nous a produit le Verbe précieux.
C’est cette nuit que l’on a vu les cieux
Tout découverts et bien cinq cent mille anges
Chanter à Dieu d’éternelles louanges.

C’est donc la nuit, la nuit la plus heureuse,
La nuit qui donne à voir parfois son Créateur,
La nuit qui donne à l’œil du corps cet heur,
Voir et toucher son Dieu en ce bas monde
Né de la Vierge à nulle autre seconde.

Heureuse nuit, devant le jour première,
Nuit, non pas nuit mais parfaite lumière
Qui toujours luit et toujours reluira
Oh, malheureusement celui qui te dira
Dorénavant obscure, noire et sombre
Quand ton beau clair se fait maître de l’ombre.

portals said...

I got a fantasy book with a somewhat shiny cover.

smudgeon said...

Yes, compliments of the season to you too, Mr Cornish. I hope you had a good'un.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's Boxing Day, so my family can finally relax and have a proper Christmas. My father is a pastor, so Christmas is the second busiest time of year (after Easter) he's is leading 8 services this week, so hasn't had much time to relax. Oh well, at least today we can take some time out and watch the cricket.

Hope everyone had a great day.

Monday, a book on public executions sounds pretty cool. I got some books on Celtic illumination, very cool stuff.

Anonymous said...

I didn´t get any presents at all, sigh. But
I don´t mind so much. For quite some time some parts of my family has stopped celebrating Christmas. I miss it though, the tree, good food, nice surroundings and so on.
Presents I can go without but if I got any I would wish it to be books or CD´s. Right now I´m wishing for Takida´s CD.

Damacus said...

I hope everyone had a happy Chrismtus! Yeah, I got a fantasy book with a shiny cover. Probably my worst Christmas book was "Bush Yarns for the Aussie bloke"...I smiled, nodded and did my best to feign excitement. Grandmas. Bad presents is what they do.

Actually that reminds me. I was looking through the kids books section for my brother the other day and saw a kids fantasy series. I can't remember what it was called, but I recognized the awesome illustration style on the cover straight away. Looked in side and I was right- "Illustarted by D.M Cornish."

Have a great new year everyobody

Sam Hranac said...

Sappy holy daze all around.

noelle said...

Funny story: I asked my mom for Monster Blood Tattoo for Christmas last year, and I guess she couldn't find it, so she gave me a book called "Hadassah: One Night With the King" family had watched the movie version and it was so bad I had to walk out of it. I thought it was a joke because she knew how much I had hated that movie.

Fortunately, though, my friend gave me a $10 gift card for Books-a-Million, and it turned out to be just enough!

Impershi: a child born into servitude in a wealthy family and raised alongside the noble children.

Anonymous said...

Merry Jesus-Birthday to you as well.

-LotR fan

FJH said...

Thank you so much for sharing the gift of your imagination and talent for writing with all of us.

And a Happy New Year!

ms_ventress said...

Merry Christmas... and a Happy New Year!

D.M. Cornish said...

...and ain't that year coming screamingly to conclusion! Phew, I blinked and almost missed it all.

Thank you one and all!

macta: animal derived ceramic for the making of artificial bones.

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a good New Years Master Cornish. Will there be fireworks in Adelaide this year?

God Bless.

Thlys (thliss)- (adj) usu. thlyssome. Something cunning or clever, often malicious.
Eg. "What a thlyssome idea." or "Thou words art most thlys, knave."

noelle said...

New Year's Eve is my birthday :)

Hantmie: an old lady who specializes in scary stories and secretive voodoo.

Zakk said...

I see. A friend of mine said after reading MBT1, "that should be made into a movie, and then a videogame!" Has anyone adopted MBT as a movie project yet?
Also, Is there an exact date for the release of MBT3? and also furthermore, Will Fouracres be back? I think he was a great chararcter.