Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The day after...

So the Official Launch [TM] happened last night, and I believe it went rather well - public appearances are difficult things but deeply rewarding at the same time (which is a tad frustrating when all you want to do his hide away and write... or procrastinate). I was very gratified (happy in fact - even delighted) to meet MadBomber - one of "the gang" here at Monster Blog Tattoo (if I may use that term), a fine fellow - thank you for making yourself known Mr Bomber, a face to the name and better sense of the goodly soul you have already shown yourself to be here at MBT.

Thank you to all who could be there at the short notice I ended up giving you.

Looking back to the Sydney Writers' Festival I must say what an excellent thing it was to be on the panel with David Kowalski, Stuart Mayne and Judith Ridge and wax as clever as we knew how on genre and truth and editing and all that. Thank you to the three of you for an excellent evening. A shout out too to everyone I talked with afterwards, including Jeremy Gordon - fellow writer/illustrator/dreamer - with whom I had a good though too brief chat afterwards about possibilities and keeping true. He has put something of the night up here - including an odd little image of me, for those of you who want to spoil the visions you might have of the "dashing young author" ;)

Another part of the Syd. Writs'. Fest. 2008 was a couple of workshops with students where we tried our hand together at world building. I would ask folks for a few of their favourite things and from that we began to build our own distinct world settings. What was astounding is just how different the ideas and directions each group took - I had a great time and I hope the others there did too!

So joy and thankfulness all round.


Rowan Dodds said...

Hey David, it was great to see you last night. The new book looks fantastic - the wonderful colours and presence of the binding keep drawing my eye and threatening to distract me from my work completely. :)

The new illustrations are amazing as well, especially the Derehund on pg 51. It stands out a mile from your already stellar work with it's confident linework and perfect balance of sketchy looseness and finished areas. Kudos mate, I just had to write and tell ya that.

Cheers, Ro.

H said...

Dear Sir,
It is late here in the land of St. George, away from my island home, but I wanted to write a little comment as soon as my eyes left the last word on the last page of ‘Lamplighter’. I have finally gotten my rump in gear and bought both of your books.
The memory is clear in my mind, over a year ago now since I had my feet on the soil of our fair and Great Southern Land, standing in Brisbane International Airport, pressed for time and pondering the purchase of ‘Foundling’. I ended up deciding against this as I felt the already book packed carry-on of mine would be sent to a straw on camels back end… how sorely I regret this now.
I must say, with out wanting to imply any criticism at all, that I was more than pleased to see that your writing has gotten better and raised to new heights from book 1 to book 2. I have but one question to ask: are you ready for things to go nuts? I ask because it is my opinion that if MBT does not take a sharp spike to take on the world in epic fashion (Potter style) then this round rocky thing we dwell on is indeed a stranger place that I had imagined.
Sorry for the rant and the unrelated-to-post-comment, but I offer you my hearty congratulations on ‘Lamplighter’ and applaud your work.

By the by, thanks for the cliffs edge you have perched us all on now from the end of book 2 until the unknown beginning time of Book three (sarcasm omitted)


Lawrence said...

Herr Cornish

Well, you'll be please to know that "Lamplighter" is actually out in shops in New Zealand. It came out on Tuesday, and I am now the happy owner, although I'm not actually letting myself read it until I finish my current teacher-placement, because I have too many "Merchant of Venice" lesson plans to work on at the moment. Still, I must say, it looks lovely on my bookself.

Hope all's well ...


Anonymous said...

gday mate,

I have spoken with my University lecturers and happily they have said that Foundling will be included in next years curriculum.

Not a moment too soon I reckon!

Though if I don't tell them about the next book launch I'll be dead meat.


PS Rowan send me my picture!

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Dave,

Congratulations on the launch of the second MBT installment - hope it's even more wildly successful than Foundling.

Some big fans here (in WA at the moment) and we're looking forward to procuring our copy when the time difference is subsumed and it actually appears on the shelf. As if by magic.

Rock on, good man, rock on.


Anonymous said...

you know, when i bought Foundling, after having read it a few times a la librarie, i felt so bad about spending money on a book again [which i most certainly should not have been doing] that in a fit of guilt i gave it as a present to my sister. now, having read Lamplighter, and re-read Foundling, and re-read Lamplighter, i am regretting that.
i and my house offer congratulations. i am glad to hear of your growing success, and we wait eagerly for part 3. :^)

Sam Hranac said...

Is it any measure of fame that you have your own Wikipedia entries?

you could really use an image for the second link. Something involving a throbbing brain would be nice.

RottenPocket said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RottenPocket said...

Hey there,

Great closing on Lamplighter, I wasn't expecting anything close to the untermen appearing everymen thing. I remember first hearing about Foundling when I was home sick one day watching the Today Show that you featured on. I draw a lot myself as you do, plus you where Australian and so I bought book one, and was very impressed. I even bought book two the day it came out. I walked past pulp fiction and saw a stack of them in the window and kept bouncing of the glass until a friend led me to the door.

Responding to your poll, I chose 'other', and think things would be quite interesting as a wondering rossamunderling.

Can't wait for book three, and I advertise the series to whoever listens.

Anonymous said...

I was at the book launch Tuesday. I mentioned something about Mervyn Peake's version of "Catchphrase". I couldn't remember the title. Mervyn Peake's book "Figures of Speech" is the one I'm thinking of, and Mawson Lakes Library has a copy if you're interested.

Anonymous said...

wow never seen a comment deleted d.m you ever gonna do a book launch in melb?


jfgarnant said...

WOW...yeah a comment deleted?!?!?! That is strange, watch this site all the time, never seen that before. As for the Fest '08, I am a Yank, so I did not get too go, but I must ask, being the dork I am, where I can get a signed copy by you of the first book sir? Please let me know, I am a bit of a first edition fiend.

D.M. Cornish said...

Yeah, deleted comment... not my doing - I think it was just someone editing themselves for a better post.

Jonathan if you do not mind obtaining the UK edition of Foundling then go to : Doodled Books to purchase a copy - signed, lined and doodled.

And sorry Mr. Giantfan no launch planned in Melly I am afraid. Maybe a signing - I have done it once a couple of years ago and only a few souls asked or had even heard of ol' MBT. I shall let you know if it does happen again... lobby your local bookstore to pester Scholastic (maybe?)

Hey there Joey, thank you for the book ref. - I shall look it up. I reckon Mr Peake would do a far superior version of "Catchphrase"... ah those were the days (weeell actually time has made them misty sweet - I am having as many if not more good times now, actually).

BTW anyone got a pulsating brain picture handy? Mr Hranac..? Any one..?

Great news about the inclusion on the reading list at uni Mr Bomber! They may have to wait another couple of years for the next launch though... (and yes Rowan, give him his picture!)

As to things going nuts Mr Hume, well we'll just have to wait and see - this world is a crazy place, maybe obscurity might be better, keep me focused on good writing and not all that other distracting stuff... maybe?

Yes and shame on you Monday for giving your copy of Foundling away! ;)

And thanks to you both E N Reinmuth & Scot of the Antipodes (I always like to stress the "e" on the end). I cannot wait for Book 3 either and shall attempt to "rock on" in my own nerdy way as best I might.

My thoughts are with you Lawrence - teaching is a hard vocation. My parents are teachers and I am in dread of such work (have we had this conversation before?) May you placement go well and swiftly so you might get on to more inportant things like reading Lamplighter.

Sam Hranac said...

Best I could do on short notice.

Sam Hranac said...

By the way, I’ve come to believe that pulsating brains are overrated. Chicks may go crazy for guys that have them, but if you ask, they say pulsating doesn’t matter.

Anonymous said...

well, its a conversation starter if nothing else

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