Friday, June 20, 2008

Young Writer braves germ-warfare to offer a solution to my problem

I was at the Young Writers' Night last night (with my ragging lurgy and all - doing my best for germ warfare by spreading it around). It is an event where authors sit with a group of 10 children or so from around the state (that being South Australia for all you out-of-towners) and listen to them read out their prose or poetry then give encouragement - I am not sure how much use I am to the brave souls who expose their souls through there writing so, I always feel like my comments are a tad thin.

Anyway, one of young lady wrote a fine piece about a magical quill that when the character picked it up amazing ideas filled their head and stories wrote themselves. I am thinking this would be an excellent solution to Sam Hranac's proposition, "Crank yourself up out of your deathbed and put quill to parchment." If it could just be that magical quill we'd be set.

So a shout out to all the children who took part last night, I am sorry if I gave you my cold... :(


Sam Hranac said...

It would have to be a high-quality quill to match your blood and sweat won writing. Get well.

Anonymous said...

sooth, get well. make some soup, and wrap a hot towel around your head.

Anonymous said...

I could use a magical quill myself.


Well, I hope you get better soon, assuming you haven't already.

D.M. Cornish said...

I'm getting there... Got to get good, I'm best man at a wedding soon.